A day at the Central Museum in Indore

After having gone to umpteen places, I was totally bored out of my mind on a Sunday. A few of my friends had come over but there was no place that seemed to interest me that day. The weather was cool and it was best to stay indoors. After some chatting about and snacks, we were itching to get out of the house. Still, we did not know where!

One of my friends suggested we all visit the Central museum as it would amuse us, but I knew she preferred it to me going out in this cool whether. We were all glad to get out of the house and we headed straight for the museum.

Central Museum In Indore

Central Museum In Indore | Image Resource : anushankarn.blogspot.in/2009/11/indore-city-of-holkars.html

The Indore museum is located near the General post office on the Agra – Mumbai road and took us about twenty minutes to reach from my home by bikes. Luckily the museum remains closed on Mondays and not Sundays.

We took a nice look around. As soon as we entered, we were offered services by guides, but we refused them as we wanted to look around at our own pace. Guides do offer a lot of information, but I had my smart phone with me. By searching about each display, I could get much more information at my will and wish.

The Parmar culture has originated here in Madhya Pradesh and this museum displays lots of statues that are carved out in the style. Most of the statues depicted the Hindu God Lord Shiva and Harihara, Goddess Parvati in many different poses. What struck me most was the beauty in the features of these statues. They were so realistic and so well carved that each was a treat to the eye. I learnt that these belonged to the 11th and the 12th centuries.

In the antiques section, there were many different types of armour, coins, arms, armaments, and armours in display. By the time, we came out at four in the evening, just an hour left for the museum to close.

Coins In Central Museum Indore

Coins In Central Museum Indore | Image Resource : anushankarn.blogspot.in/2009/11/indore-city-of-holkars.html

We were allowed to take cameras and video cameras for a fee. We could take some of the memories back with us.