Outstanding Journey to the City Of Diamonds in Avantika Express

Ever since I have seen trains, I have been fascinated by them. They rhythmically chug along how I wish I could live on a train all year long, visit different places, meet interesting people. Now that would be a journey to write about!!

I always wanted to visit Surat before it explodes into a metropolitan city. Being one of the fastest growing cities of India it is also its third cleanest. It is also a good place to acquire that shiny piece of carbon to adorn your future wife’s slender finger. We visited Surat during navaratri and we were bowled away by the colourful people, their dresses and their dandiya dancing. Words cannot describe those moments, not even a camera capture them they can only be experienced.

From Surat we were to travel to the largest city of Madhya Pradesh – Indore. We avoided the rush of physical booking of tickets and booked ours online. Avantika Express, a superfast train starts its run from Mumbai, India’s financial capital, and its run ends at Indore. It takes 2 days to cover a distance of 829kms.

Avantika Express

Avantika Express | Image Resource : wikimedia.org

The journey

Instead of getting the mp3 player out and donning in-ear headphones, I thought it would be way more enriching and more memorable to take in the sheer beauty of the fast shrinking greenery of the country side of rural India. Its lush green fields caressed by a gentle breeze, the migrating birds flying in formation so as to reduce drag, the winding railway tracks that snakes along the whole country.

Lips-Smacking food

Vegetarian Food In Train

Vegetarian Food In Train | Image Resource : flickr.com/photos/301202/2943518307/

Don’t we all love to relax, eat and sleep? Who doesn’t! Why just eat from the train’s pantry. In this age of the infobahn, do make use of online catering services. We get a different type of food, customised to our choice, delivered as and when the train arrives at that station. Awesome is it not? The prices are quite reasonable too. Since we are travelling, I think it is best to avoid non-vegetarian food. One really does not want to have an upset stomach and then use the train’s loo, unless of course one is pretty good at gymnastics or at the very least, are nimble on our feet.

There is a whole variety of vegetarian food that I can sample.  We really enjoyed our journey. It was truly one of a kind.