Walk In The Way Shown By Swami : Vivekananda : Happy Vivekananda Jayanti To All!

Swami Vivekanand Jayanti

Swami Vivekanand Jayanti | Image Resource : quotesadda.com

Swami Vivekananda was not only an excellent philosopher but also an artist, singer, writer and much more. As a child he was brilliant and was quick witted. He grew up to bring up revival of Hinduism in the country. He also gave many lectures on Hinduism in many different European countries.


My Top 3 Favorites Amongst The Goa Resorts!

Every time I need a vacation from my work routine, the first place which comes to my mind is the beautiful state of Goa. Hello there…! This week I’ll be telling you about my experiences with 3 different resorts in Goa which are on top of my go – to list.

The Meem’s Beach Resort has a motto called ‘A slice of Heaven’ and I don’t disagree with it. It is located at the foot of a hill and in midst of a green and calming meadow. And it also offers a calm and peaceful environment in the otherwise crowded area. The best part is that they are one of few Goa Resorts which provides free Wi-Fi on the coastline and I could stay connected to work and social media even while I lay back on the beach.

Meems Beach Resort Goa

Meems Beach Resort Goa | Image Resource : meemsbeachresort.com

The backyard of the resort opens up to the beach and the guests can go for a dip anytime in the day. The Martin’s Comfort resort is another favorite amongst the Goa Resorts because I always feel like am stepping into a different world altogether when I enter the resort. The rooms are always kept clean and are designed with hints of Portuguese influenced architecture. The sunset beach has given me a lot of memories and I would advise people to go the beach with friends and hire bikes, particularly during the sunsets.

The Martin’s Comfort Resort Goa

The Martin’s Comfort Resort Goa | Image Resource : cleartrip.com

The Mykonos Blu makes it to the top of my list because it is located close to the Baga River as opposed to any beach. The river and the backwaters is something that most people forego visiting in Goa. The lush green vegetation that surrounds the backwaters and river is something that I recommend to all who visit the state. The lovely white, pristine décor of the hotel worked like charm on me and the pool was excellent for an evening dip.

Mykonos Blu Resort Goa

Mykonos Blu Resort Goa | Image Resource : mykonosblu.in

Goa Food

Goa Food | Image Resource : mykonosblu.in

They also arrange for tours to the Chorao Bird Sanctuary, the dolphin and crocodile charter Bhondla Wild Life Sanctuary. They also take the tourists on trip to casinos and game centers.

May Happy Times And Warm Memories Brighten Your New Year

Image Resource : welcomehappynewyear2016.com

Image Resource : welcomehappynewyear2016.com

With every passing year, my passion for adventurous life which includes mountain biking, flying and gliding, casino games, etc. advances and so I hope that in this new year too I’m able to fulfill my dreams. I pray that this new year brings lots of happiness and love in the life of each one of you. A happy new year wish comes out from my heart for all of you.

Merry Christmas! We Have Hope Because Jesus Was Born Today

Image Resource : 3.bp.blogspot.com

Image Resource : 3.bp.blogspot.com

Christmas is the time when people are encouraged to give without an expectation of getting. The mere thought of helping a person in need gives us a joy and warmth that can fill our hearts. In today’s world we have to be the Santa to all those who need a little encouragement in life.

Effective Long Distance Driving Tips

Most of us wish to go on a long drive with our loved ones on a quiet morning. However, we never get chance to do so.

So, I’m writing this blog for those who posses such a desire.

Long Distance Driving

Long Distance Driving | Image Resource : healthworks.my

Here are some useful tips on long distance driving :

– Start Cruising

While going on a long distance trip, it is important that you should be fresh and focused. Concentrating and driving fast on highway or expressway can be taxing on any driver. Driving recklessly has lead to many accidents. I’m not saying that you drive slow and miss out on the fun. However, following the rule is also necessary.

Quote Of Safe Driving

Quote Of Safe Driving | Image Rsource : wellnessproposals.com

Rather than fluctuating again and again, I would advise you guys maintain the speed. Another advantage of this technique is that you can save fuel efficiently.  This allows you to drive to greater distance by minimizing the stops at gas station. Such long drives can make your journey more faster and enjoyable.

Long Driving Important Tips

Long Driving Important Tips | Image Rsource : shearcomfort.com

– Changing Lane

A responsible driver always follow the guidelines while driving through the long lanes of highway. It is very important to do so while driving long distances. Switching from one lane to another can be a hectic and risky activity. Therefore, it is advised that you avoid such practices.

Maintaining discipline while changing lane can allow you to have a safe journey. Driving recklessly will not only adversely affect you but also  make other people’s journey difficult.

Carefully Chenge the Lanes

Carefully Chenge the Lanes | Image Resource : ruleranalytics.com

 – Be a Mind Reader

This is one of the best qualities that a driver could have while driving during long journeys through various express highways. You need to read the mind of other drivers. However, this skill only develops after having years of driving experience. As a driver, you also need to read the traffic, weather and suggest alternatives.

– Relax and drive

Another tip for better driving is to stay relaxed, worrying and focus too much is a tiresome job. Apart from being alert, it is also important that you chill out a bit while driving and enjoy every moment of it.

These are some of the tips that will allow you to have memorable long drives with your friends and families.

Drive Safely Thought

Drive Safely Thought | Image Resource : pinterest.com

Horse Riding Tips for Beginners

Horse riding has been one of my favourite activities. Recently, I rode a horse with a friend of mine. Since he was terrified of horses, I had a fun time watching him ride.

So, in this blog I will be sharing some really simple and effective tips to develop your horse riding skills.

Here are few things you must know before riding a horse :

Choose the right horse and connect with it :

– Make sure to choose the right horse riding service that provides well trained horses. You don’t want to ride wild, agitated horse that is not fed properly by its caretaker. That may not turn out good for you.

– Understand the body language of the horse and follow the directions of the instructor. Learn all the basic factors that are necessary for a horseman such as handling a horse, feeding, placing, cleaning and storing of tack after the ride.

– As a horsemen, you should know how to groom your horse. This helps you to connect with this beautiful animal. It feels safe under your command. Hence, you can experience a great ride.

– Feeding the horse with food or water is another way of bonding. So, I would highly recommend it. All these compassionate activities always you to gain the trust as well as help trust the horse. It is a lot more easier when you trust each other.

Hourse Riding

Hourse Riding | Image Resource : wikipedia.org

After building the connection the next step is to ride.

Following points must be kept in mind by all amateur riders :

– Get your tack checked out to know whether it is in a great shape or not. It should be a clean one with tears and holes in the leather. Make sure it doesn’t get mixed by with the other rider’s tack.

– Make sure that halter is placed perfectly in horse’s head. This allows you to call or catch your horse

– Place the saddle blanket over the horse’s back by standing on the left side of the horse.

– Check whether every part of the tack in tightly fixed

– Before riding, take your horse for a walk.

These were some of the basic tips that must be followed by any beginner before hopping on a horse. I hope you found this blog very useful. Feel free to comment on the topic.

Travel Thouoght Of The Week : Nayak Beach Resort Puri

Nayak Beach Resort Puri

Nayak Beach Resort Puri | Image Resource : cleartrip.com

About Nayak Beach Resort Puri : We got a chance to visit Puri as a part of our college trip and we made reservations at the Nayak Beach Resort Puri. We loved it because it was a minute away from the beach and we could hear the sound of waves from the Bay of Bengal. My friends also fell in love with the football themed restaurant and it served delicious continental food.