All Set To Fly In The Blue And White Goa Sky!

Hey folks! Thanks again for visiting my blog, your feedback makes me write more and motivates me to share my views on travelling and about new destinations. Here is Manthan Bhansali, your adventurous traveller friend. I have been to numerous adventurous places such as Himachal, Gangtok, Uttarakhand, and others. However, I didn’t ever get a chance to hang out with my friends in Goa.

Goa Attractions

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Why choose Goa?

So, here am I all set to land my foot on the beaches of Goa. The next summer vacation, I am going to drop all my plans with respect to studies and experience the adrenaline rush! I shall be trying some thrilling sport activities, and particularly paragliding in Goa.

Beaches Of Goa

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Paragliding In Goa

Paragliding In Goa | Image Resource :

Here is some information about paragliding for the readers who do not have much idea about it. It is a light weight and adventurous sport which makes you fly in the blue and white sky through equipment. The person is made to sit in a harness which is tied with the wings of fabric.

Paragliding With Kids

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Where to paraglide in Goa?

I have done my homework related with the paragliding in Goa. There are basically a lot of places in Goa and many companies offering the sport for the travellers. However, I have chosen an organizer named Dare Adventures which is located at Arambol in Goa.

I chose it because the spot has many safe landing options and the company has skilled and trained professionals to guide a novice flyer. The company charges just 3000 INR and lets you fly for 20 minutes. I have even spoken to the representative of the company and found them to be genuine and best.

Even the reviews of the company were good enough so I made a decision of choosing it. Even I have learned few safety tips for paragliding such as bringing heeled shoes, getting a camera to capture your best moments, to be fit, and many more. Another safety tip is to not even think about paragliding when you are sick. So, I am all ready and if you are thinking about the same then do follow my blog!


Travel Thouoght Of The Week : Nayak Beach Resort Puri

Nayak Beach Resort Puri

Nayak Beach Resort Puri | Image Resource :

About Nayak Beach Resort Puri : We got a chance to visit Puri as a part of our college trip and we made reservations at the Nayak Beach Resort Puri. We loved it because it was a minute away from the beach and we could hear the sound of waves from the Bay of Bengal. My friends also fell in love with the football themed restaurant and it served delicious continental food.

Putudi Falls – Natural Wonder Near Phulbani Town of Odisha

My stay in Kandhamal was going good. It was my last day of the trip and after this I was to head back to my routine life. I decided to conclude my trip with a visit to one of the famous attractions of Kandhamal, the Putudi falls. The falls are located near the River Salunki and are located at a distance of 18 km from the town of Phulbani.

The waterfall is one of the prominent waterfalls in the state of Odisha and merges into river Saluki. The waterfalls are surrounded by thick dense forests from all the sides and make it an ideal picnic spot. The place is full of natural beauty and the river falls from a height if 60 ft and forms an enchanting ambience for all the tourists. For nature lovers it is one of the best places in Odisha.

The nearby Phulbani district is famous for research activities on horticulture and silk moths. The river Salunki is the main river of the area. The river is a very big resource for the tribal community living nearby. It also gets mention in many of the folklores and stories of tribal as a deadly river which has killed many humans and cattle in its flood.

Putudi Waterfall Kandhamal

Putudi Waterfall Kandhamal | Image Resource :

The Putudi falls area is a nice place to spend an evening alone either in solitude or with friends and family as a picnic. The place offers many people a chance to reconnect with their inner self and find some peace of mind. The Phulbani town is connected very well with Berhampur and Bhubaneswar by the bus services of Odisha State department. The place is a must visit for those who visit the state and are fond of nature photography. The waterfalls, valleys, scenic locations and the thick dense forests offer great spots to capture in their cameras.

After this visit to the Phulbani and Kandhamal district my trip to Odhisa came to an end. The trip was a great success and I was taking some amazing memories of the place with me captured both in my heart and in my camera.

Destination Of The Week : Bauli Matha Puri

Bauli Matha Puri

Bauli Matha Puri | Image Resource :

Description : On my trip to Puri I had decided that I will be visiting this Sikh pilgrim place. I could easily reach there by bus. Once I reached there I knew why it is the most visited and famous pilgrim Centre of the Sikhs. The green peaceful environs filled me with peace and the well that was dug, is revered.

Daringbadi Hill Station – A Nice Cool Place in Kandhamal

It was a wonderful time spent at the Chilika Lake. The trip refreshed me a lot and I was ready to visit the next place in my itinerary which was the Daringbadi hill station in Kandhamal. Kandhamal is a small town which is located at a height of 915 metres and is a famous weekend spots among travellers to beat the scorching summer heat.

The Daringbadi hill station is one of the best places which is located in the Kndhamal district and tourists from nearby places throng the place every weekend. The place is gifted with natural beauty and scenic locations. The place is full of pine trees, coffee plantations and the lush green valley that adds many dimensions to the beauty of the place. There are various species of animals which can be found in the thick forests which surrounds the hill stations. It is the flora and fauna of the place which makes it an ideal summer tourist spot.

Daringbadi Hill Station Orissa

Daringbadi Hill Station Orissa | Image Resource :

The place can be reached easily from Bhubaneshwar as there are regular buses plying from there. It is located at a distance of 250 km and can be reached in 6 hours. The nearest railway station is the Behrampur railway station at a distance of 120 km from the place. There are many buses and taxis which can take a tourist to Daringbadi from Behrampur.

The most beautiful part of the hill station is the pine trees and the vast gardens of coffee and the plantations of turmeric, black pepper. The temperature of the place is quite cool and this is why there is large number of tourists which can be found at the hill station. The journey to this hill station is an adventure in itself through the beautiful scenic plains to the hills.

I had an amazing time at the Daringbadi hill station. The night spent there was very relaxing. The Odisha trip was coming to an end. So in the final day of my trip I decided to visit one last place which is located near Daringbadi and is a very popular attraction known as the Putudi waterfalls.

The Mayfair Beach Resort in Puri – An Experience to Remember

Mayfair is a trusted name in the resort business. The lines of resorts established by Mayfair around the world are second to none in terms of infrastructure and luxury.

They are ranked among the best in the world and have created thousands of satisfied customers over the years. I have joined this long list recently and am deeply impressed by the high efficiency of this enterprise. I had to push my budget a little bit when I decided to stay at the Mayfair Beach Resort in Puri, given that it is a three star luxury resort, but I decided that I should follow my heart and take this unique experience once I am on the beautiful coasts of Puri.

Mayfair aaaBeach Resort in Puri

Mayfair Beach Resort in Puri | Image Resource :

The Mayfair Beach resort is a value for money option and not beyond the reaches of any average Indian. Given the facilities that are provided the cost of stay is not high by means. The location of the beautiful resort also makes it highly popular. The Mayfair Beach Resort as the name suggests is located on the serene Puri Beach. The resort provides beautiful vistas of the beach and the gushing waves of the Bay of Bengal. The beach sand surrounds the beach adding to its beauty.

Swimming Pool in Mayfair Beach Resort

Swimming Pool in Mayfair Beach Resort | Image Resource :

Another beautiful feature of the Mayfair Beach resort is its location. It provides accessibility to all major tourist destinations in and around Puri and hence becomes a feasible option. The Jagannath Temple is at a walking distance from the resort and the Puri Beach is just 200 meters away.

In terms of versatility and number of lodging options there are few resorts in the country which surpass the Mayfair Beach Resort. Around 32 different kinds of suites, cottages, inns, lodges and deluxe rooms are available at the Mayfair Puri. One can pre-book any of these options online and can also pay online for all services.

Mayfair Beach Resort

Mayfair Beach Resort | Image Resource :

The Mayfair is a very professional and transparent setup and in my 2 day stay at this famous resort I enjoyed luxury and comfort. The food was also exquisite and cooked with love and passion. The pool, the spa and the adventure sports outlet of the resort are added features.

Chilika Lake Puri – The Bird Watcher’s Paradise

Orissa is a beautiful and enchanting place to visit. There are so many historical temples and monuments strewn all across the state that is enfolded in natural beauty at the same time that you might feel like staying here for eternity.

The next destination that I visited in the state was the renowned Chilika Lake located in Puri. It is the Asia’s biggest saline water lagoon. The water spread of the Chilika ranges from 1165 square kilometres in the peak rainy seasons to around 906 square kilometres in the dray seasons. The lake is located in the heart of the coastal Odisha.

Chilka Lake Birds

Chilka Lake Birds | Image Resource :

Daily boat trips are also organized to the couple of islands namely Kalijal, Nalabana, Break – fast, Honeymoon and Somolo that lie in the vicinity of Chilika. Tourists visit the Chilika Lake with great enthusiasm every year to witness the natural beauty that surrounds it on a calm boat ride.

The Chilika Lake is known for its biological diversity and hence is a prominent attraction for nature lovers. It also holds great socio – economic significance due to which the site is declared as a Ramasar site since the year 1981.

Chilka Lake Puri | Image Resource :

Chilka Lake Puri | Image Resource :

 This beautiful and mesmerising lake is a very famous wetland owing to its relevance as a home to plethora of migratory bird varieties. During the peak season i.e. from November to February the site serves as a bird watcher’s paradise housing more than 160 migratory bird species.

The white bellied sea eagles, golden plovers, ospreys, pelicans, flamingo, gulls, sand pipers and Shovellers are few of the popular bird species that find their natural habitat at the Chilika waters.

Birds At Chilka Lake Orissa

Birds At Chilka Lake Orissa | Image Resource :

Apart of the natural beauty it enfolds the lake is also renowned for its Kalijai Temple that stands on an island amidst the brackish waters of this lake. Pilgrims from all parts of India assemble in large volumes to be part of the magical environs and offer their prayers. The presiding deity of this temple is goddess Kaliji. The Irrawady Dolphins that can be spotted at the Chilika Lake is another attraction that draws tourists from all parts of the globe.