Effective Long Distance Driving Tips

Most of us wish to go on a long drive with our loved ones on a quiet morning. However, we never get chance to do so.

So, I’m writing this blog for those who posses such a desire.

Long Distance Driving

Long Distance Driving | Image Resource : healthworks.my

Here are some useful tips on long distance driving :

– Start Cruising

While going on a long distance trip, it is important that you should be fresh and focused. Concentrating and driving fast on highway or expressway can be taxing on any driver. Driving recklessly has lead to many accidents. I’m not saying that you drive slow and miss out on the fun. However, following the rule is also necessary.

Quote Of Safe Driving

Quote Of Safe Driving | Image Rsource : wellnessproposals.com

Rather than fluctuating again and again, I would advise you guys maintain the speed. Another advantage of this technique is that you can save fuel efficiently.  This allows you to drive to greater distance by minimizing the stops at gas station. Such long drives can make your journey more faster and enjoyable.

Long Driving Important Tips

Long Driving Important Tips | Image Rsource : shearcomfort.com

– Changing Lane

A responsible driver always follow the guidelines while driving through the long lanes of highway. It is very important to do so while driving long distances. Switching from one lane to another can be a hectic and risky activity. Therefore, it is advised that you avoid such practices.

Maintaining discipline while changing lane can allow you to have a safe journey. Driving recklessly will not only adversely affect you but also  make other people’s journey difficult.

Carefully Chenge the Lanes

Carefully Chenge the Lanes | Image Resource : ruleranalytics.com

 – Be a Mind Reader

This is one of the best qualities that a driver could have while driving during long journeys through various express highways. You need to read the mind of other drivers. However, this skill only develops after having years of driving experience. As a driver, you also need to read the traffic, weather and suggest alternatives.

– Relax and drive

Another tip for better driving is to stay relaxed, worrying and focus too much is a tiresome job. Apart from being alert, it is also important that you chill out a bit while driving and enjoy every moment of it.

These are some of the tips that will allow you to have memorable long drives with your friends and families.

Drive Safely Thought

Drive Safely Thought | Image Resource : pinterest.com


Horse Riding Tips for Beginners

Horse riding has been one of my favourite activities. Recently, I rode a horse with a friend of mine. Since he was terrified of horses, I had a fun time watching him ride.

So, in this blog I will be sharing some really simple and effective tips to develop your horse riding skills.

Here are few things you must know before riding a horse :

Choose the right horse and connect with it :

– Make sure to choose the right horse riding service that provides well trained horses. You don’t want to ride wild, agitated horse that is not fed properly by its caretaker. That may not turn out good for you.

– Understand the body language of the horse and follow the directions of the instructor. Learn all the basic factors that are necessary for a horseman such as handling a horse, feeding, placing, cleaning and storing of tack after the ride.

– As a horsemen, you should know how to groom your horse. This helps you to connect with this beautiful animal. It feels safe under your command. Hence, you can experience a great ride.

– Feeding the horse with food or water is another way of bonding. So, I would highly recommend it. All these compassionate activities always you to gain the trust as well as help trust the horse. It is a lot more easier when you trust each other.

Hourse Riding

Hourse Riding | Image Resource : wikipedia.org

After building the connection the next step is to ride.

Following points must be kept in mind by all amateur riders :

– Get your tack checked out to know whether it is in a great shape or not. It should be a clean one with tears and holes in the leather. Make sure it doesn’t get mixed by with the other rider’s tack.

– Make sure that halter is placed perfectly in horse’s head. This allows you to call or catch your horse

– Place the saddle blanket over the horse’s back by standing on the left side of the horse.

– Check whether every part of the tack in tightly fixed

– Before riding, take your horse for a walk.

These were some of the basic tips that must be followed by any beginner before hopping on a horse. I hope you found this blog very useful. Feel free to comment on the topic.

Puri Beach – The Centre of Festivity on the Shores of Orissa

Orissa is one of the largest states in Eastern India and it is also among the most culturally vibrant states in the country. The people of Orissa have always stayed very close to their own culture and traditions. This unique culture is closely weaved with the natural features of the state which includes a long coast at the Bay of Bengal.

The city of Puri is a port city and hence has a long coast line. It is also a major tourist destination given its religious importance and natural heritage. The wildlife diversity of Puri is also known around the world.

Puri Beach

Puri Beach | Image Resource : trekearth.com

The Puri Beach is among the most popular, busiest and longest beaches in the country. Do not expect to get the opportunity of a long peaceful walk in solitude while visiting the Puri Beach. It is a fast paced place in Puri and filled with an air of excitement at all times.

If you are careful and observant enough you can find some isolated places one of which is the Puri Beach Promenade. This is a long walkway which is quite often calm and peaceful. Enjoying the rushing waves in the evening when the sun is setting at the horizon on this walkway is a tremendous experience, one which I had the opportunity to explore and one which I will remember for long.

Camel Drive in Purfi Beach

Camel Drive in Purfi Beach | Image Resource : trekearth.com

The Puri Beach is also very popular for its cultural events and festivals. All throughout the year many religious events and art festivals are organized close to the beach. People from all around the nation witness artistic work from all around the country. The beach is most crowded generally during the evenings but the mornings are quite calm and serene.

Sunset View in Puri Beach

Sunset View in Puri Beach | Image Resource : holidayiq.com

The beach can be easily accessed from the Puri Railway station and hence it was the first item on my itinerary. It is just 2 km away from the station. If you wish to visit the Puri Beach from other parts of the state, it is just 60 km from the capital city Bhubaneswar. The enriching and refreshing experiences at the Puri Beach filled me with zeal to continue on my wonderful journey through the streets of Puri.

Mountain Biking Safety Tips For Beginners

Use the Safety Gear

“Always ride with the helmet” is the first rule of any adventure sports especially mountain biking. People often consider mountain biking as a dangerous and stupid sport. However, according to me the reckless mentally of taking risks can put you in great danger. Therefore, always carry your safety gear, be properly padded and wear your safety armour. The body protection gear used by mountain bikers are designed to protect from crash damage and falls. Getting bruised is not a big deal for any biker. However, breaking a bone can be deadly.

Ride according to your Skills

Never take decisions that will put you on risk. Always choose a terrain for biking according to your ability and level. You can bike through difficult places only if you are a professional or have somebody to guide you. Otherwise it is always recommended to keep it easy and achievable. Never be intimidated by other riders.

Mountain Bikers

Mountain Bikers | Image Resource : peakadventuretour.com

Choose Bike based on where you ride

Choose your bikes according to the riding conditions. For example, a downhill bike is the worst choice for a long cross country ride and a hardtail bike is never right for big rock races.

Make sure you know The Trail

Always make it point to understand the complexities of the trail you are going to ride in. It is always dangerous to ride through an unknown terrain. As a beginner, it is always advised to ride within the limits.

It is OK to Crash

When you mountain bike, you are supposed to crash so do not let it bother you. Follow all the above mentioned tips and ride free to your finishing point. Don’t get disappointed when you fall or do something silly, it is the part of our learning process. My advice to all the newcomers will be “Feel good and be a Sport”.

These are some of the most effective tips for mountain bike riding novices. If you consider this post to be informative or interesting, feel free to comment.

Here Are Some Beneficial Tips For Having A Great Adventure Outing :

Plan well : Do not be in a rush, take time to plan. Focus yourself on the start date and plan forward. It is Ok to have doubts, everybody has it. Planning is the most difficult part for all adventure travellers and it will always be so. All you need to do is, get out and explore.

The Journey Of A Thousand Miles Must Begin With A Single Step

The Journey Of A Thousand Miles Must Begin With A Single Step | Image Resource : greg-j.com

Save some extra money : Start saving some money right now if you are thinking of planning an adventurous trip to a foreign location. If possible, start a new bank account and transfer a small amount into it every month. If you save around 2-3 thousand every month then you will easily have around 30 thousand in your account within a year. Such an amount will help plan a great trip. I call it the adventure saving.

Your Small Savings Can Make Big Difference

Your Small Savings Can Make Big Difference | Image Resource : moneybies.com

Always be prepared : Despite of having a good adventure saving, you may still have issues such as bad weather, flight delays, visa problems, gear issues etc.  Do not get demotivated, these things often make a great story and add some colour into your trip.

Behave with locals and respect the culture : If you are invited to dance, you should probably join them. Engage with your fellow travellers. Never judge people because you don’t understand them. Adventure trips are all about having fun and being spontaneous. You need to learn how to blend in. Such an approach will make your adventure trip memorable.

Keep a Note : During your journey, make sure you create a journal of your adventure travel. Even if you do not use dairy, you should give it a try. You could have some great stories to be shared with your friends and family after the trip. My dad loved travelling and it is always fun read to his travel journals. Those journals were not only funny but also inspired me a lot. Such journals turn into valuable possessions for most of the travellers.

Small Travel Notes Can Create Great Memories Of Life

Small Travel Notes Can Create Great Memories Of Life | Image Resource : imaginative-traveller.com

Say Cheese : Make sure you take picture of your travel location, try to make them interesting and click some with the locals or fellow travellers.

Get the best kit : Make sure you have the best quality kit for your trip as these trips can turn rough. Get a kit that is light and efficient.

An Enchanting Trekking Experience to the Benog Hill

After reaching Haridwar and spending a good night at my hotel room, the next day I was ready to start my travel excursions. The first place which I had decided to visit was the trek to the Benog Hill. It is also known as the Benog Tibba Trek.

I have always had deep love for trekking so this is the reason why I decided to start my trip with a trek. The Benog Tibba or Benog Hill is a perfect location for an overnight camping. The trek takes one full day and will surely delight any nature lover with its rich environmental and botanical insights.

The trek takes you past from a majestic colonial building of the Hotel Savoy and an exotic chateau which is not open for the general public. The road then takes you past the Waverly Covent School, one of the most famous and oldest schools of Mussoorie. There is also a famous Leopard Lodge which is in ruins and it marks the residence of the Delhi’s commissioner during the colonial era. The trek as a very fine experience, it was a bit of tiring but this is what trekking is all about.

Benog Hill Trek Uttarakhand

Benog Hill Trek Uttarakhand | Image Resource : laxmanservices.com

The day trek involves walking between 18 – 20 kilometres but still it is very easy trek and can be easily completed in one day. There is also transport available for half the distance. On reaching the top of the hill it was a very divine moment. The view and the surrounding peace and calmness won my heart. It was as if the trek was worth. One of the best treks available in Mussoorie, it will surely leave you awestruck. There are many ways to reach the Benog Hill.

I also went to the Benog Hill sanctuary which houses some of the very rare Himalayan animals and birds like the magpie and the quail. It was a fun filled trek overall with a lot of memories about the place which I will always cherish in my life. The next place about which I will share my travel experience is the George Everest Park in Uttarakhand.

Useful Tips for Safe Horseback Riding

As much as horseback riding is a wonderful experience, it also requires one to be patient, calm, and composed. Most of the time its the horses that happen to be more cool and understanding than the ones who are riding them!

Fun With Horses

Fun With Horses | Image Resource : westcorkwithkids.com

Here, I would like to share a few tips for safe horseback riding. The next time you decide to ride a horse, make sure you follow these pointers!

Look for a knowledgeable horse instructor

Expert horse instructor

Expert Horse Instructor | Image Resource : hauteecole.ru

First and foremost, look for a knowledgeable horse instructor who is good at taming horses. If you are new to horses and horseback riding, do not risk your life by going all by yourself.

Stand near the horse

Stand Near The Horse

Stand Near The Horse | Image Resource : dailymail.co.uk

Before you start riding the horse, stand close to it. A preferable spot is its left side. Take hold of the reins in one hand, simultaneously put your left foot in the stirrup to hold onto the wither. Avoid holding onto the saddle while mounting up.

Getting on it

Getting On The Horse

Getting On The Horse | Image Resource : rise365.com

Make sure you push upwards while getting onto the horse. Swing your leg – preferably right one to get over the back of the horse. Pay heed while doing so and do not kick the horse’s flank.

A slow walk

Slow Walk With The Horse

Slow Walk With The Horse | Image Resource : wikipedia.org/

Now that you are up there, start with a slow walk. Never do it all in a hurry as it will cause chaos to the horse. You do not want it to get mad and topple you over. Slowly get it to walk.

Convert the slow walk into trotting

Slow walk into trotting

Slow Walk Into Trotting | Image Resource : th06.deviantart.net

After you have finished slow walking the horse for a while, start by trotting it. Trotting may get a bit bumpy and you might feel uneasy in the beginning. Do not fret and give yourself as well as the horse time to adjust to trotting.

Cool down the horse

Cool down the horse

Cool Down The Horse | Image Resource : pinimg.com

Do not get off the horse and finish off with the riding as soon as possible. Make sure that you cool the horse by walking him a few steps. Check its chest to see if it has cooled down. If it’s still hot, keep it walking, otherwise you’re good to go.