All Set To Fly In The Blue And White Goa Sky!

Hey folks! Thanks again for visiting my blog, your feedback makes me write more and motivates me to share my views on travelling and about new destinations. Here is Manthan Bhansali, your adventurous traveller friend. I have been to numerous adventurous places such as Himachal, Gangtok, Uttarakhand, and others. However, I didn’t ever get a chance to hang out with my friends in Goa.

Goa Attractions

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Why choose Goa?

So, here am I all set to land my foot on the beaches of Goa. The next summer vacation, I am going to drop all my plans with respect to studies and experience the adrenaline rush! I shall be trying some thrilling sport activities, and particularly paragliding in Goa.

Beaches Of Goa

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Paragliding In Goa

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Here is some information about paragliding for the readers who do not have much idea about it. It is a light weight and adventurous sport which makes you fly in the blue and white sky through equipment. The person is made to sit in a harness which is tied with the wings of fabric.

Paragliding With Kids

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Where to paraglide in Goa?

I have done my homework related with the paragliding in Goa. There are basically a lot of places in Goa and many companies offering the sport for the travellers. However, I have chosen an organizer named Dare Adventures which is located at Arambol in Goa.

I chose it because the spot has many safe landing options and the company has skilled and trained professionals to guide a novice flyer. The company charges just 3000 INR and lets you fly for 20 minutes. I have even spoken to the representative of the company and found them to be genuine and best.

Even the reviews of the company were good enough so I made a decision of choosing it. Even I have learned few safety tips for paragliding such as bringing heeled shoes, getting a camera to capture your best moments, to be fit, and many more. Another safety tip is to not even think about paragliding when you are sick. So, I am all ready and if you are thinking about the same then do follow my blog!


Photo Of The Week : Neora Valley National Park Darjeeling

Neora Valley National Park Darjeeling

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Description :  This National Park was established in the year 1986. This is one of the richest biological zones in northern India. It is one of the major tourist attraction spots in Darjeeling. Many tourists visit this park as it is known for its rich flora and fauna. The view of the sunset from this beautiful Neora Valley is superb. This is a peaceful place and is best suited for nature lovers!

A Blessed Day At Chitai Temple Almora

While in Uttarakhand I also visited the famous Chitai temple which lies in the hill station of Almora not too far from Rishikesh and Haridwar. The famous temple of Chitai is also known by its name of Golu devta Temple a locall supreme deity of Himalaya. He is considered as an incarnation of Lord Shiva. There are numerous temple of Golu devta in entire Almora town but the Chitai temple is considered the most sacred and famous, for its reputation that all the wish of the devotees comes true if the worshipper ask for it with a clear and pure conscious.

The famous temple of Chitai is also regarded as the Temple of justice. The devotees who throng the temple ask the god for the justice for all the injustices they have done with their loved ones. There are thousands of bells in the temple hitch are installed and donated by the devotees, people also communicate with God by writing him letters.

Chitai Golu Devta at Almora Uttrakhand

Chitai Golu Devta at Almora Uttrakhand | Image Resource :

These letters are pinned all across the walls of the temple. In the era of modernity, and scientific rationality these things do sound very absurd and primitive but one needs to remember that this is what India was known for. The land of Spirituality here spirituality itself is a science of connecting with the Gods.

The temple is thronged by devotees from far flung areas of Uttarakhand and other parts of the country who perform a rigorous puja for 3 days to 9 days and also give many offerings to the temple. The Lord Golu at the temple is worshipped by offering him ghee, milk, curd, halwa, puri and other eateries which are prepared by devotees themselves.

Chitai Temple

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The temple can be easily accessed as it is located only 8 km from the Almora town on the jagdeshwar town road. There are numerous buses, taxis and autos which ply on the site for the help of tourists. The nearest railway station is the Kathgodam railway Station and the nearest airport is at Pantnagar.

After the visit to Almora and Chitai temple, I went for a trek to the Gangotri temple in Uttarakhand.

Useful Tips for Safe Horseback Riding

As much as horseback riding is a wonderful experience, it also requires one to be patient, calm, and composed. Most of the time its the horses that happen to be more cool and understanding than the ones who are riding them!

Fun With Horses

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Here, I would like to share a few tips for safe horseback riding. The next time you decide to ride a horse, make sure you follow these pointers!

Look for a knowledgeable horse instructor

Expert horse instructor

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First and foremost, look for a knowledgeable horse instructor who is good at taming horses. If you are new to horses and horseback riding, do not risk your life by going all by yourself.

Stand near the horse

Stand Near The Horse

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Before you start riding the horse, stand close to it. A preferable spot is its left side. Take hold of the reins in one hand, simultaneously put your left foot in the stirrup to hold onto the wither. Avoid holding onto the saddle while mounting up.

Getting on it

Getting On The Horse

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Make sure you push upwards while getting onto the horse. Swing your leg – preferably right one to get over the back of the horse. Pay heed while doing so and do not kick the horse’s flank.

A slow walk

Slow Walk With The Horse

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Now that you are up there, start with a slow walk. Never do it all in a hurry as it will cause chaos to the horse. You do not want it to get mad and topple you over. Slowly get it to walk.

Convert the slow walk into trotting

Slow walk into trotting

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After you have finished slow walking the horse for a while, start by trotting it. Trotting may get a bit bumpy and you might feel uneasy in the beginning. Do not fret and give yourself as well as the horse time to adjust to trotting.

Cool down the horse

Cool down the horse

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Do not get off the horse and finish off with the riding as soon as possible. Make sure that you cool the horse by walking him a few steps. Check its chest to see if it has cooled down. If it’s still hot, keep it walking, otherwise you’re good to go.