Optimum Food Of The Week : Moong Dal Rice Khichdi

Moong Dal Rice Khichdi

Moong Dal Rice Khichdi | Image Resource : manjulaskitchen.com

Description : A quick – in recipe if you have midnight guests gushing in at the last moment, Moong dhal and rice are soaked together and are added to oiled mustard and cumin sortie. With all the spices and masala added, the lentil and rice is cooked for upto 6-7 whistles and served hot with raita or papad.


Travel Thought Of The Week : Hotel Holiday Resort Puri

Hotel Holiday Resort Puri

Hotel Holiday Resort Puri | Image Resource : cleartrip.com

Summarization : It’s got holiday, fun, beach!!!! That’s how Hotel Holiday Resort is spelled. With vacations kicking in, families can be surprised, kids will be awed and elders will be satisfied with the hotel’s splendor spread across the white beach sand and tall coconut trees. Excellent service and splendid amenities will be an added joy to ease at the coast.

Delicious Food Of The Week : Budha Chakuli

Budha Chakuli

Budha Chakuli | Image Resource : pran-oriya-recipies.blogspot.in

Description : Budha Chakuli is a pancake type of a dish made in Orissa. The main ingredients include cheese, coconut, rice and black gram which are ground to a paste. The savory flavor comes from sugar and cardamom and is a dish enjoyed by many people in the region as a common evening snack.

My Top 3 Favorites Amongst The Goa Resorts!

Every time I need a vacation from my work routine, the first place which comes to my mind is the beautiful state of Goa. Hello there…! This week I’ll be telling you about my experiences with 3 different resorts in Goa which are on top of my go – to list.

The Meem’s Beach Resort has a motto called ‘A slice of Heaven’ and I don’t disagree with it. It is located at the foot of a hill and in midst of a green and calming meadow. And it also offers a calm and peaceful environment in the otherwise crowded area. The best part is that they are one of few Goa Resorts which provides free Wi-Fi on the coastline and I could stay connected to work and social media even while I lay back on the beach.

Meems Beach Resort Goa

Meems Beach Resort Goa | Image Resource : meemsbeachresort.com

The backyard of the resort opens up to the beach and the guests can go for a dip anytime in the day. The Martin’s Comfort resort is another favorite amongst the Goa Resorts because I always feel like am stepping into a different world altogether when I enter the resort. The rooms are always kept clean and are designed with hints of Portuguese influenced architecture. The sunset beach has given me a lot of memories and I would advise people to go the beach with friends and hire bikes, particularly during the sunsets.

The Martin’s Comfort Resort Goa

The Martin’s Comfort Resort Goa | Image Resource : cleartrip.com

The Mykonos Blu makes it to the top of my list because it is located close to the Baga River as opposed to any beach. The river and the backwaters is something that most people forego visiting in Goa. The lush green vegetation that surrounds the backwaters and river is something that I recommend to all who visit the state. The lovely white, pristine décor of the hotel worked like charm on me and the pool was excellent for an evening dip.

Mykonos Blu Resort Goa

Mykonos Blu Resort Goa | Image Resource : mykonosblu.in

Goa Food

Goa Food | Image Resource : mykonosblu.in

They also arrange for tours to the Chorao Bird Sanctuary, the dolphin and crocodile charter Bhondla Wild Life Sanctuary. They also take the tourists on trip to casinos and game centers.

Travel Thouoght Of The Week : Nayak Beach Resort Puri

Nayak Beach Resort Puri

Nayak Beach Resort Puri | Image Resource : cleartrip.com

About Nayak Beach Resort Puri : We got a chance to visit Puri as a part of our college trip and we made reservations at the Nayak Beach Resort Puri. We loved it because it was a minute away from the beach and we could hear the sound of waves from the Bay of Bengal. My friends also fell in love with the football themed restaurant and it served delicious continental food.

Delicious Of The Week : Oriya Besan Ladoo

Oriya Besan Ladoo

Oriya Besan Ladoo | Image Resource : ifood.tv

Oriya Besan Ladoo : While in Odisha I had the good luck of eating this delicious and famous Oriya ladoo.I had the chance of going into a local restaurant which had a sweet meat shop next to it. After my lunch I strolled in the next shop, and purchased this ladoo as a desert. I just could not stop eating this, melt in the mouth sweet.

Destination Of The Week : Pakhala Dish

Pakhala Dish

Pakhala Dish | Image Resource : youtube.com

Summarization : You can say that travelling and exploring new places is in my blood! In spite of having a busy schedule as a student, I always manage visiting different places in budget friendly way. I love to explore the places and many facets of it like cuisines, pubs, life, etc. The mouth-watering Pakhala dish that I tried at one of the places is still fresh in my mind. This dish is known by different names in different regions of our nation. It will surely remind me of the place for the lifetime.