Bus Travel from Surat to Goa by Neeta Tours and Travels – Interesting Glimpses of Nature throughout

Backpack-Check! Charger and goggles- Check! Bus ticket- Check! And so was the adventurous spirit which I especially carry up my sleeve in my escapades. This time it was Goa and the mode of travel – bus travel from Surat to Goa by Neeta Tours and Travel. I have been to numerous places in all of my 21 years of age; sometimes escorted and sometimes not but travelling and the passion to travel more and more has been on the constant rise. Studies have lately been very time consuming and pressing but still I was able to make some time to put together this Goa trip, which had eluded me so far.

Neeta Tours and Travels

Neeta Tours and Travels| Image Resource : travelindiasmart.com

The bus departs from the depot at 6:45 in the evening and would take close to 18 or 19 hours to reach Goa. It would be fun to connect with the country side and the beautiful landscapes while on the journey. It was a very comfortable bus and the driver and the helper seemed friendly and experienced. Soon it was night and there was no problem dozing off in the sleeper seats. The marvels of technologies, of course they seem to benefit us in various forms. Although I could have opted for the train or flight journeys to the destination but the charm of travelling in a bus is unparallel and is something that I particularly like. I and my baggage are compact items to travel in buses and are most accommodating when it takes the longer travel time for me because being on the road is my ultimate passion. The nomadic spirit in me rules me most of the time when I am not studying.

The bus travel from Surat to Goa by Neeta Tours and Travels was a relaxing experience, the fatigue of travel was hardly affecting me and I had no trouble in the journey. Instead, the scene of the countryside, the lesser inhabited areas between cities, towns and villages are most interesting, where the only highlight that attracts people is nature and its endowments. I had made online bookings at the Bambolim Beach Resort Goa and within just the appropriate time span I was in my desired spot.


Bus Travel from Surat to Mumbai by Neeta Tours and Travels

Traveling is a part of me and I have always wanted to explore as many places as I can. So this time I pulled up my socks and decided to visit Mumbai, which is more often known as the Dream City. I planned a weeklong trip to Mumbai. Making a ticket via train was not possible as the plan was sudden and I could not have confirmed the ticket by train in such a short time. In such situations, buses come as a great help. I had already heard a lot about the Neeta Tours and Travels which is one of the leading bus operator services in Mumbai and few of its neighboring cities.

There are about 2635 buses running under the travel group covering as many as 1342 routes in India, the travels is responsible for linking around 20 Indian cities among each other. Neeta Tours and Travels offered me an easy and comfortable journey at affordable rates. Well maintained buses and good staff services are the key points of the Travels. The cost of travel depends upon the distance and type of vehicle you choose for the journey. The ticket price usually ranges from Rs. 100 to Rs. 1800. As I was on a budget travel, I tried to spend very less in traveling as I had to save money for achieving the goals of adventure sports and discotheques in Mumbai. Apart from the regular buses large range of luxury, Volvo multi axle air conditioned, B9R multi axle semi sleeper air conditioned Volvo, mercedez benz air conditioned semi sleeper buses are also operated under it.

Neeta Travels Bus

Neeta Travels Bus | Image Resource : bcmtouring.com

Safety, luxury and comfort are three things upon which the Neeta Travels lays its focus upon.  The premium transportation services are mainly in the states of Goa, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Rajasthan and Gujarat. Bus booking for Neeta Travels can be done from the official website of Neeta travels or from the travel web portals. Booking tickets online also provides you few extra facilities and discount vouchers. I made my return trip in advance and through the same travel group. Therefore I got a discount percentage on my second journey back home. My entire experience in the cozy and comfortable buses of Neeta Tours and Travels was an awesome experience.