Horse Riding Tips for Beginners

Horse riding has been one of my favourite activities. Recently, I rode a horse with a friend of mine. Since he was terrified of horses, I had a fun time watching him ride.

So, in this blog I will be sharing some really simple and effective tips to develop your horse riding skills.

Here are few things you must know before riding a horse :

Choose the right horse and connect with it :

– Make sure to choose the right horse riding service that provides well trained horses. You don’t want to ride wild, agitated horse that is not fed properly by its caretaker. That may not turn out good for you.

– Understand the body language of the horse and follow the directions of the instructor. Learn all the basic factors that are necessary for a horseman such as handling a horse, feeding, placing, cleaning and storing of tack after the ride.

– As a horsemen, you should know how to groom your horse. This helps you to connect with this beautiful animal. It feels safe under your command. Hence, you can experience a great ride.

– Feeding the horse with food or water is another way of bonding. So, I would highly recommend it. All these compassionate activities always you to gain the trust as well as help trust the horse. It is a lot more easier when you trust each other.

Hourse Riding

Hourse Riding | Image Resource :

After building the connection the next step is to ride.

Following points must be kept in mind by all amateur riders :

– Get your tack checked out to know whether it is in a great shape or not. It should be a clean one with tears and holes in the leather. Make sure it doesn’t get mixed by with the other rider’s tack.

– Make sure that halter is placed perfectly in horse’s head. This allows you to call or catch your horse

– Place the saddle blanket over the horse’s back by standing on the left side of the horse.

– Check whether every part of the tack in tightly fixed

– Before riding, take your horse for a walk.

These were some of the basic tips that must be followed by any beginner before hopping on a horse. I hope you found this blog very useful. Feel free to comment on the topic.


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