Putudi Falls – Natural Wonder Near Phulbani Town of Odisha

My stay in Kandhamal was going good. It was my last day of the trip and after this I was to head back to my routine life. I decided to conclude my trip with a visit to one of the famous attractions of Kandhamal, the Putudi falls. The falls are located near the River Salunki and are located at a distance of 18 km from the town of Phulbani.

The waterfall is one of the prominent waterfalls in the state of Odisha and merges into river Saluki. The waterfalls are surrounded by thick dense forests from all the sides and make it an ideal picnic spot. The place is full of natural beauty and the river falls from a height if 60 ft and forms an enchanting ambience for all the tourists. For nature lovers it is one of the best places in Odisha.

The nearby Phulbani district is famous for research activities on horticulture and silk moths. The river Salunki is the main river of the area. The river is a very big resource for the tribal community living nearby. It also gets mention in many of the folklores and stories of tribal as a deadly river which has killed many humans and cattle in its flood.

Putudi Waterfall Kandhamal

Putudi Waterfall Kandhamal | Image Resource : kandhamal.nic.in

The Putudi falls area is a nice place to spend an evening alone either in solitude or with friends and family as a picnic. The place offers many people a chance to reconnect with their inner self and find some peace of mind. The Phulbani town is connected very well with Berhampur and Bhubaneswar by the bus services of Odisha State department. The place is a must visit for those who visit the state and are fond of nature photography. The waterfalls, valleys, scenic locations and the thick dense forests offer great spots to capture in their cameras.

After this visit to the Phulbani and Kandhamal district my trip to Odhisa came to an end. The trip was a great success and I was taking some amazing memories of the place with me captured both in my heart and in my camera.


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