Daringbadi Hill Station – A Nice Cool Place in Kandhamal

It was a wonderful time spent at the Chilika Lake. The trip refreshed me a lot and I was ready to visit the next place in my itinerary which was the Daringbadi hill station in Kandhamal. Kandhamal is a small town which is located at a height of 915 metres and is a famous weekend spots among travellers to beat the scorching summer heat.

The Daringbadi hill station is one of the best places which is located in the Kndhamal district and tourists from nearby places throng the place every weekend. The place is gifted with natural beauty and scenic locations. The place is full of pine trees, coffee plantations and the lush green valley that adds many dimensions to the beauty of the place. There are various species of animals which can be found in the thick forests which surrounds the hill stations. It is the flora and fauna of the place which makes it an ideal summer tourist spot.

Daringbadi Hill Station Orissa

Daringbadi Hill Station Orissa | Image Resource : alwayzwithluggage.wordpress.com

The place can be reached easily from Bhubaneshwar as there are regular buses plying from there. It is located at a distance of 250 km and can be reached in 6 hours. The nearest railway station is the Behrampur railway station at a distance of 120 km from the place. There are many buses and taxis which can take a tourist to Daringbadi from Behrampur.

The most beautiful part of the hill station is the pine trees and the vast gardens of coffee and the plantations of turmeric, black pepper. The temperature of the place is quite cool and this is why there is large number of tourists which can be found at the hill station. The journey to this hill station is an adventure in itself through the beautiful scenic plains to the hills.

I had an amazing time at the Daringbadi hill station. The night spent there was very relaxing. The Odisha trip was coming to an end. So in the final day of my trip I decided to visit one last place which is located near Daringbadi and is a very popular attraction known as the Putudi waterfalls.


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