Chilika Lake Puri – The Bird Watcher’s Paradise

Orissa is a beautiful and enchanting place to visit. There are so many historical temples and monuments strewn all across the state that is enfolded in natural beauty at the same time that you might feel like staying here for eternity.

The next destination that I visited in the state was the renowned Chilika Lake located in Puri. It is the Asia’s biggest saline water lagoon. The water spread of the Chilika ranges from 1165 square kilometres in the peak rainy seasons to around 906 square kilometres in the dray seasons. The lake is located in the heart of the coastal Odisha.

Chilka Lake Birds

Chilka Lake Birds | Image Resource :

Daily boat trips are also organized to the couple of islands namely Kalijal, Nalabana, Break – fast, Honeymoon and Somolo that lie in the vicinity of Chilika. Tourists visit the Chilika Lake with great enthusiasm every year to witness the natural beauty that surrounds it on a calm boat ride.

The Chilika Lake is known for its biological diversity and hence is a prominent attraction for nature lovers. It also holds great socio – economic significance due to which the site is declared as a Ramasar site since the year 1981.

Chilka Lake Puri | Image Resource :

Chilka Lake Puri | Image Resource :

 This beautiful and mesmerising lake is a very famous wetland owing to its relevance as a home to plethora of migratory bird varieties. During the peak season i.e. from November to February the site serves as a bird watcher’s paradise housing more than 160 migratory bird species.

The white bellied sea eagles, golden plovers, ospreys, pelicans, flamingo, gulls, sand pipers and Shovellers are few of the popular bird species that find their natural habitat at the Chilika waters.

Birds At Chilka Lake Orissa

Birds At Chilka Lake Orissa | Image Resource :

Apart of the natural beauty it enfolds the lake is also renowned for its Kalijai Temple that stands on an island amidst the brackish waters of this lake. Pilgrims from all parts of India assemble in large volumes to be part of the magical environs and offer their prayers. The presiding deity of this temple is goddess Kaliji. The Irrawady Dolphins that can be spotted at the Chilika Lake is another attraction that draws tourists from all parts of the globe.


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