Swargadwar Beach in Puri – A Passage to Heaven

The visit to the Gowardhan nath math was a divine experience. I was quite relieved and stress free after the visit. The next tourist attraction that I visited in Puri was the Swargadwar Beach. It is one of the tourist hotspots of the beautiful city. Nature lovers in huge volumes flock towards this destination every year. History lovers are also allured towards this beach owing to the mythical legends associated with this site.

One of the most popular beliefs about this place is that if a person takes his last breath at this pious site then he his soul directly gets the way to heaven. Complete salvation can also be attained by the souls who depart their bodies here. This is the reason that this place has emerged as a very popular spiritual destination not only in the state of Gujarat but also throughout the nation. Even the name has been christened due to its literal meaning as the gateway to heaven.

Swargadwar Beach in Puri

Swargadwar Beach in Puri | Image Resource : niceholidaysindia.com

The place Swargadwar beach is actually a cremation ground where dead bodies are offered their last rites according to Hindu rituals. People widely believe that a dip into the holy Sea waters will help them to attain salvation and redemption from all their worldly sins. There is another mythical legend associated with this beach which says that the pious Brahmadaru came afloat to this beach in Puri and since then it has attained the status of a renowned spiritual site in the state.

The vibes and energy of this place were very positive and it reminded me that a life driven by materialism is not what one should lead. Attachment to the worldly pleasures will ultimately come to an end, so one should always believe in benevolence and good deeds to keep his spirit clean. The beach is not very far from the heart of the city. It can be easily commuted via public transport which includes buses and cabs.

Once my trip to this place was done I decided to head for the next place that I wanted to visit in the city which was the ancient Loknath temple.


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