Puri Beach – The Centre of Festivity on the Shores of Orissa

Orissa is one of the largest states in Eastern India and it is also among the most culturally vibrant states in the country. The people of Orissa have always stayed very close to their own culture and traditions. This unique culture is closely weaved with the natural features of the state which includes a long coast at the Bay of Bengal.

The city of Puri is a port city and hence has a long coast line. It is also a major tourist destination given its religious importance and natural heritage. The wildlife diversity of Puri is also known around the world.

Puri Beach

Puri Beach | Image Resource : trekearth.com

The Puri Beach is among the most popular, busiest and longest beaches in the country. Do not expect to get the opportunity of a long peaceful walk in solitude while visiting the Puri Beach. It is a fast paced place in Puri and filled with an air of excitement at all times.

If you are careful and observant enough you can find some isolated places one of which is the Puri Beach Promenade. This is a long walkway which is quite often calm and peaceful. Enjoying the rushing waves in the evening when the sun is setting at the horizon on this walkway is a tremendous experience, one which I had the opportunity to explore and one which I will remember for long.

Camel Drive in Purfi Beach

Camel Drive in Purfi Beach | Image Resource : trekearth.com

The Puri Beach is also very popular for its cultural events and festivals. All throughout the year many religious events and art festivals are organized close to the beach. People from all around the nation witness artistic work from all around the country. The beach is most crowded generally during the evenings but the mornings are quite calm and serene.

Sunset View in Puri Beach

Sunset View in Puri Beach | Image Resource : holidayiq.com

The beach can be easily accessed from the Puri Railway station and hence it was the first item on my itinerary. It is just 2 km away from the station. If you wish to visit the Puri Beach from other parts of the state, it is just 60 km from the capital city Bhubaneswar. The enriching and refreshing experiences at the Puri Beach filled me with zeal to continue on my wonderful journey through the streets of Puri.


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