My Train Trip from Surat to Puri – A Journey to Remember

Travelling around the country is my passion. It is my continuous desire to explore the world, and as a student I try to utilize the little vacations that I have to this end. Travelling to new places and exploring new ideas are necessities in life and make us realize the true meaning of existence.

Trivialities of life should not take toll over your aspirations and desires. We have become extremely vulnerable in this sense in the fast paced 21st century world. As a young person I can enjoy the liberties of following my heart and I wish to make full use of these allowances.

Surat Railway Station

Surat Railway Station | Image Resource :

I am a resident of the beautiful and traditional city of Surat. Surat is in fact one of the largest cities in Gujarat. It is not only an economic hub but also a great city for tourism. After exploring the city thoroughly I decided to explore other tourist destinations in India.

Surat Puri Express

Surat Puri Express | Image Resource :

 I have been travelling for several years now sometimes through road trips, which are by far my favorite and sometimes via train. Trains in India are vital given their affordability and wide access to remote locations. When I decided to travel to Puri which is one of the most visited tourist places in India, I searched for Surat Puri trains online and found that the Surat Puri Express (train number 22828) was the most suitable given my travel requirements.

Both the cities Surat and Puri are important hubs in their respective regions in India that is Surat in Western India (Gujarat) and Puri is Eastern India (Orissa). This allows for several direct trains between the two junctions. One can choose a train according to their budget, time of journey and route by using either the official website of Indian railways or other travel websites.

Puri Railway Station

Puri Railway Station | Image Resource :

My itinerary was a long one and hence I was extremely excited to reach Puri. During my journey I met many fellow travelers and tourists with different travel plans. Sharing my views and ideas with them and learning much about the city of Puri from them made the journey seem extremely short. The journey was extremely comfortable and will remain in my memories for long.


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