Mountain Biking Safety Tips For Beginners

Use the Safety Gear

“Always ride with the helmet” is the first rule of any adventure sports especially mountain biking. People often consider mountain biking as a dangerous and stupid sport. However, according to me the reckless mentally of taking risks can put you in great danger. Therefore, always carry your safety gear, be properly padded and wear your safety armour. The body protection gear used by mountain bikers are designed to protect from crash damage and falls. Getting bruised is not a big deal for any biker. However, breaking a bone can be deadly.

Ride according to your Skills

Never take decisions that will put you on risk. Always choose a terrain for biking according to your ability and level. You can bike through difficult places only if you are a professional or have somebody to guide you. Otherwise it is always recommended to keep it easy and achievable. Never be intimidated by other riders.

Mountain Bikers

Mountain Bikers | Image Resource :

Choose Bike based on where you ride

Choose your bikes according to the riding conditions. For example, a downhill bike is the worst choice for a long cross country ride and a hardtail bike is never right for big rock races.

Make sure you know The Trail

Always make it point to understand the complexities of the trail you are going to ride in. It is always dangerous to ride through an unknown terrain. As a beginner, it is always advised to ride within the limits.

It is OK to Crash

When you mountain bike, you are supposed to crash so do not let it bother you. Follow all the above mentioned tips and ride free to your finishing point. Don’t get disappointed when you fall or do something silly, it is the part of our learning process. My advice to all the newcomers will be “Feel good and be a Sport”.

These are some of the most effective tips for mountain bike riding novices. If you consider this post to be informative or interesting, feel free to comment.


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