Fresh Air, Open Area and Flowers- The Barbotey Rock Garden, Darjeeling!

Exercise is good for one and all. And every town should have its own play area and a place to exercise one’s mind and body together. Parks tend to attract not only kids but youngsters too. These days you also find middle-aged people as well as the elderly, taking walks in the park, seeing how they are all health conscious and prefer to meet their friends in the park.

My guide says the Barbotey Rock garden is pretty famous in the city with both the locals as well as the tourists. Beautifully structured as this is, the garden gives one a pleasant feeling and drives energy into the body as well.

The Rock Garden as it is fondly called, has been recently added to the tourist attractions of the Darjeeling Town. Located about 10 kilometers from Darjeeling, the drive to the garden alone is exciting and thrilling with the elevated location and the bends and turns of the roads.

Barbotey Rock Garden, Darjeeling

Barbotey Rock Garden, Darjeeling | Image Resource :

The Garden And Its Layers

As the hill stream cascades over the Rocks along the slope, you will be brushed by a gentle breeze with the fragrance of multiple flowers planted at different levels of the garden. The Stream is a natural waterfall around which the entire garden has been terraced as a multi-level picnic ground. Teashops and other kiosks have also come up to satiate the hunger of the piling crowd.

Sit by the little lake or watch the beauty of the garden itself; the Barbotey Rock Garden is a magical place indeed. The Chunnu Summer Falls is also another great attraction in the garden.

The terraced garden gives you an unparalleled view of the entire valley, breathing in fresh and fragrance filled air as you relieve your mind of all your troubles. The rock garden has a splendid view both panoramically and geographically.

It is simply breathtaking to stand by the railed stone pathways and look down in the scenic view of the garden. Children enjoying the cool air and the trees swaying to the whisper of the gentle breeze are a memory one can never forget.


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