The Meaning Of Simplicity and Comfort – The Rhododendron Dell Exotic Resort, Darjeeling!

Thanks to the evolution of technology I am able to make reservations and plan my trip on the go. After my quick journey of 4-5 hours from Surat to Bagdogra, it was only a matter of about 45 minutes for me to reach my destination Darjeeling, located atop the Kanchenjunga Mountain with its breathtaking views and vintage surroundings. Some of the pictures I have clicked might explain my emotions better to you now.

Let me tell you this, the Rhododendron Dell Exotic Resort is the one stop spot for any of you travellers in Darjeeling for the best care and comfort during your trips. With an absolutely stunning backdrop, the Rhododendron is also the best possibly located hotels in all of Darjeeling.

Rhododendron Dell Exoctic Resort Darjeeling

Rhododendron Dell Exoctic Resort Darjeeling | Image Resource :

In The Lap of Luxury and Plush Comfort

Providing a wide range of superb quality services and facilities, The Rhododendron Dell Exotic Resort makes your stay very soothing, comforting and relaxing to the body and soul. Kick back all your worries and drink in the beauty of the hotel itself.

All the rooms include cable and satellite channels, along with tea and coffee making amenities. There are also larger rooms, extended to accommodate families and groups. The in house restaurant will taunt and flirt with your palate and take you on a magical journey if its wonderful cuisine.

A simple and yet peace giving Garden, family rooms, air conditioning, telephone, temperature control and a lip smacking in-room menu are the wonderful assets of The Rhododendron Dell Exotic Resort here in Darjeeling. Located just one hour away from the airport and a mere 10 minute walk from the railway station, the resort is also geographically perfectly located among the majestic cloud forms and valleys of Darjeeling.

You might find various types of rooms including cottage, deluxe rooms and deluxe rooms without a view. They are all very economical and provide the best service you would require and wish for at a hotel. After all, when on a vacation, one should just relax and have a hassle free trip and a cool mind. The Rhododendron Dell Exotic Resort gives you the ultimate experience and also suggests some of the best places to visit around the city with provision for the best-informed tour guides. My trip is well planned now.


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