Walking the Length of India – From Surat to Darjeeling!

From the calm and quiet of the planes of Surat, I still needed some exotic and exhilarating trip to quench my desire for adventure. Like I always say, “Live life to its fullest”! Thrilling as each experience is, it also helps us understand the reality of nature and the need to preserve its works of art and as humans, be responsible for our every act.

I sit before a map of India and work out which city to visit next. My eyes spot the out the most beautiful, romantic, panoramic valley in India- Darjeeling; a diverse and unique city, in the east most part of India- West Bengal. Yes. This was the perfect trip. Extending from the western borders of India to its Eastern Border, a journey worthy of knowledge and adventure, all the way long!

Air India Airways

Air India Airways | Image Resource : wikimedia.org

Planning out the Journey

Though a good long road trip would have been ideal for my zeal and taste, I though it was only practical and logical that I plan a quicker journey to my destination as I was short on vacation days. A train might have been more apt but time was not my best friend right now. I decided to take the Air India Airways from Surat to Bagdogra Airport Via Delhi, from whence I shall take a taxi to the beautiful hills of Darjeeling. I found the Darling Flight Hotel Package to be very economic and to my taste.

Surat Airport

Surat Airport | Image Resource : wikimedia.org

It was only a matter of packing my bags and boarding my flight, and I would be off on my search for beauty, nature and a choice for the best travel destination for you.  I marked off all the wonderful locations I would visit, the hotel I would stay in has been reserved and most of all, I had looked into all the famous eateries I would let my palate explore.

Bagdogra Airport

Bagdogra Airport | Image Resource : abplive.in

This trip would be a revelation to my mind about the beauty of India. A place that was perfected by nature and is preserved by mankind is one to cherish to forever. Hold on while I keep you posted of my travel and add some splendid photographs to take you with me in this journey.


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