Visit to the Divine Gangotri Temple

After the visit to the Chitai Temple in Almora, i decided to visit the famous Gangotri temple which is regarded as a famous religious place among the four holy religious Dham pilgrimages in India. Gangotri Temple is located in Uttarkashi, and is very closely related to holy river Ganga.

Gangotri Temple

Gangotri Temple | Image Resource :

The history of Ganga dates back centuries when the Goddess Ganga transformed herself into a river to dissolve all the sins of King Bhagirath’s ancestors. Gangotri is a very famous pilgrim spots in India and people who visit Uttarkhand do visit this place.

The temple at Gangotri is said to have been built by a Gorkha commander of Indian army in the early years of the 18th century. The temple stands at an altitude of about 3000 m and there is a divine aura all around the place. The religious rituals happen in full swing in the temples with the Aarti ceremony which happens and is performed by the Semwal family priests. The river Ganga originates from the glaciers at Gangotri and is known here as River Bhgirathi. The name Ganga is given to it when it reaches Devprayag and is merged into River Alaknanda.

Gangotri Temple Almora

Gangotri Temple Almora | Image Resource :

The Gangotri temple not only for its spiritual or religious significance but is also famous as a perfect place to breath the serenity and piousness of the Himalayas. There is a charm in Gangotri which attracts thousands of tourists every day. The beautiful presence of the snow clad mountains all over surrounding the temple adds many dimensions to the beauty of the temple. The crystal clear pious waters of the River Ganges also add value to the sanctity of the place.

I felt very close to god and some higher power in Gangotri at those high altitudes, the pure vegetarian food was a delight for the stomach which was available at all leading joints and Dhabas in the place. Those who consume alcohol or non vegetarian food should not do it in the vicinity of the area.

After this spectacular visit to Gangotri temple the next place which I visited was the Kartik Swami temple of Uuttarakhand.


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