Kempty Falls – The wonder of Nature

The next place which I visited in my Uttarakhand trip after the visit to Everest Park was the popular Kempty Falls. Kempty Falls as we all know is one of the most famous tourist spots of the city. If Mussoorie is regarded as the Queen of Hills then surely, Kempty Falls is its crown. It is located a distance of about 15 km from Mussoorie and well connected by all modes of transport which can easily take you there. The place is a perfect location to beat the summer heat and spend some time with wonder of Nature.

The Kempty Falls are a wonderful and amazing falls which cascades down from a height of about 40 feet. The sight of the kempty Falls looks as if the water is jumping in joy and playing with the rocks. The name of the falls is reminder of the colonial era. The Bristish used to arrange their tea parties near this fall and hence from “Camp Tea” it became Kempty Falls. This place was developed as popular tourist destination during the colonial era under John Mekinan.

Kempty Falls Dehradun

Kempty Falls Dehradun | Image Resource :

There are many benefits of the falls to the locals and to the state. The water is also used for irrigation purposes for the terraced fields of the surrounding and nearby areas. The trip to the falls is incomplete if you visit it without bathing under the gushing falls. There are numerous eateries, snacks and soft drinks shops near the falls which offers many options for the tourists to enjoy a light meal and drinks while bathing. The place is also perfect to click some amazing panoramic pictures of the area. A place like this is a gift of nature to the people and efforts should be made to preserve it.

The time spent at the Kempty Falls was amazing and it was a delight to be there and have a bath and enjoy some drinks and snacks. Places like these accessible freely are thousand times better than those manmade water parks which charge a hefty amount for few hours.
The next place which I decided to visit was in Rishikesh, the famous Laxman Jhula.


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