Visit to Everest Park of Mussoorie

The next place which I had visited in Uttarakhand following the amazing trip to the Benog Hill was the George Everest Park. The park is named after George Everest, who was the first Surveyor General of India and was responsible for completing the trigonometric survey of India from South to North. The famous Mount Everest is named after him. He owned a house in Mussoorie for many years where he lived. His house and Laboratory today are what known as the park estate and lies about 6 km from the Gandhi Chowk of the hill station.

Gandhi Chowk

Gandhi Chowk | Image Resource :

The Park estate today used to be the home and laboratory of George Everest in the 19th century. The Park is situated in a place where one can get an amazing view of the Doon valley and the Aglar River and the snow-clad peaks of Himalayas. Today his house and park comes under the jurisdiction of the Uttarakhand Tourism Department and to be honest it looks as if the authorities are just not interested in its maintenance, it lies in ruins.

Doon valley

Doon valley | Image Resource :

It was a good feeling to visit the Everest Park, it was a good place to spend an evening away from the noise and pollutions of city. There were few other tourists too who had come to visit the park. The place was also a good outing for a picnic with friends and family and the views of the surrounding landscapes and the Doon valley below was a visual treat and I captured it in my camera too. It was a bit sad to see that the Everest Park is not maintained by the authorities as it should be but still it is visited by many tourists and locales daily.

George Everest Park Uttarakhand

George Everest Park Uttarakhand | Image Resource :

There are many other parks in the surrounding but the Everest Park seems to be the most stunning of all. Though the tourism department of the state can do more to preserve the laboratory and house of George Everest but nevertheless it was a fun filled trip to the Everest Park. The next place which I visited in Uttarakhand was the famous Kempty Falls.


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