An Enchanting Trekking Experience to the Benog Hill

After reaching Haridwar and spending a good night at my hotel room, the next day I was ready to start my travel excursions. The first place which I had decided to visit was the trek to the Benog Hill. It is also known as the Benog Tibba Trek.

I have always had deep love for trekking so this is the reason why I decided to start my trip with a trek. The Benog Tibba or Benog Hill is a perfect location for an overnight camping. The trek takes one full day and will surely delight any nature lover with its rich environmental and botanical insights.

The trek takes you past from a majestic colonial building of the Hotel Savoy and an exotic chateau which is not open for the general public. The road then takes you past the Waverly Covent School, one of the most famous and oldest schools of Mussoorie. There is also a famous Leopard Lodge which is in ruins and it marks the residence of the Delhi’s commissioner during the colonial era. The trek as a very fine experience, it was a bit of tiring but this is what trekking is all about.

Benog Hill Trek Uttarakhand

Benog Hill Trek Uttarakhand | Image Resource :

The day trek involves walking between 18 – 20 kilometres but still it is very easy trek and can be easily completed in one day. There is also transport available for half the distance. On reaching the top of the hill it was a very divine moment. The view and the surrounding peace and calmness won my heart. It was as if the trek was worth. One of the best treks available in Mussoorie, it will surely leave you awestruck. There are many ways to reach the Benog Hill.

I also went to the Benog Hill sanctuary which houses some of the very rare Himalayan animals and birds like the magpie and the quail. It was a fun filled trek overall with a lot of memories about the place which I will always cherish in my life. The next place about which I will share my travel experience is the George Everest Park in Uttarakhand.


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