Train Travel from Surat to Haridwar in Dehradun Express

It was after a long time that I finally got some time off from my busy schedule to go out for some adventure. I had shortlisted many places to visit but since it was getting hot as summers very in its full swing I decided to wander to some hill station. This time I decided to visit Uttarakhand, as this was a place I had always planned to go.

This time the moment was ripe to visit it. I had booked my tickets from train to travel to Haridwar. There are many trains which go to Dehradun via Haridwar from Surat. I booked my tickets using the Indian Railways App in the Dehradun Express which starts from Bandra in Mumbai.

Surat Railway Station

Surat Railway Station | Image Resource :

As it was pretty hot in Surat, I booked tickets in the upper AC class of Dehradun express. The train reaches Surat at about 4:30 AM if its running on time. So I had to leave for the station from my home at least an hour before, i.e. by 3:30 Am. Luckily on that day the train arrived on time and since I had reached station at 4 AM sharp, I boarded the train. The passengers who boarded the train from Mumbai or after were in deep sleep inside my bogie. Without disturbing them I found my berth and decided to have a short nap for some 3 or 4 hours.

Dehradun Express

Dehradun Express | Image Resource :

The train journey to Haridwar from Surat takes about 35 hours and if it’s running on time, Dehradun Express reaches Haridwar Junction at 3 PM the next day. I had my food inside the train which is served by IRCTC and also tried the various stuff which are available at station. The train travel extensively throughout Rajasthan and some parts of Uttar Pradesh before entering Uttarakhand.

Haridwar Junction

Haridwar Junction | Image Resource :

The train reached Haridwar about 2 hours late at 5 o’clock in the evening. There was an immense happiness in me that finally the long train ride came to an end. I went out of my train and towards the exit of the station where there were hundreds of autos for the tourists. I booked one of them to take me to my Hotel which I had booked in advance, Hotel Aalia on the Ganges.


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