Useful Tips for Safe Horseback Riding

As much as horseback riding is a wonderful experience, it also requires one to be patient, calm, and composed. Most of the time its the horses that happen to be more cool and understanding than the ones who are riding them!

Fun With Horses

Fun With Horses | Image Resource :

Here, I would like to share a few tips for safe horseback riding. The next time you decide to ride a horse, make sure you follow these pointers!

Look for a knowledgeable horse instructor

Expert horse instructor

Expert Horse Instructor | Image Resource :

First and foremost, look for a knowledgeable horse instructor who is good at taming horses. If you are new to horses and horseback riding, do not risk your life by going all by yourself.

Stand near the horse

Stand Near The Horse

Stand Near The Horse | Image Resource :

Before you start riding the horse, stand close to it. A preferable spot is its left side. Take hold of the reins in one hand, simultaneously put your left foot in the stirrup to hold onto the wither. Avoid holding onto the saddle while mounting up.

Getting on it

Getting On The Horse

Getting On The Horse | Image Resource :

Make sure you push upwards while getting onto the horse. Swing your leg – preferably right one to get over the back of the horse. Pay heed while doing so and do not kick the horse’s flank.

A slow walk

Slow Walk With The Horse

Slow Walk With The Horse | Image Resource :

Now that you are up there, start with a slow walk. Never do it all in a hurry as it will cause chaos to the horse. You do not want it to get mad and topple you over. Slowly get it to walk.

Convert the slow walk into trotting

Slow walk into trotting

Slow Walk Into Trotting | Image Resource :

After you have finished slow walking the horse for a while, start by trotting it. Trotting may get a bit bumpy and you might feel uneasy in the beginning. Do not fret and give yourself as well as the horse time to adjust to trotting.

Cool down the horse

Cool down the horse

Cool Down The Horse | Image Resource :

Do not get off the horse and finish off with the riding as soon as possible. Make sure that you cool the horse by walking him a few steps. Check its chest to see if it has cooled down. If it’s still hot, keep it walking, otherwise you’re good to go.


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