Freedom Park Bangalore – Once In A While You Need To Spread Your Wings!

In this health-conscious world, I too am a health nut and love to exercise both my mind and my body. Why waste time lazing away when you can stretch those muscles and let your skin breathe.

I have to say, of all the places I have visited around Bangalore, the Freedom Park is one that I truly enjoyed, with only emotions and freedom to recount. The high walls, the long stretch of 21 acres, the park has been designed with the sole purpose of serving as a multiplatform for various public protests, rallies and meetings. Built upon the previous central jail, the Freedom Park has been inspired by the Hyde Park and the Kensington Park of London.

Freedom Park Bangalore

Freedom Park Bangalore | Image Resource :

The premises consist of the Ashoka Pillar, an amphitheater, Watch tower, people courtyard, a play area for children, jail museum, a sculpture court, a book museum, a marvelous water fountain, restrooms, art and craft bazaar.

Dummies of the prisoners who were housed in the VIP Barracks are on display at the jail museum.

As I walked down the pathway, I was aware of several activities that took place. A few cultural performances, a drama and there were many other activities too. What more could you expect than freedom from what was once a jail?

Inside View Of Freedom Park Bangalore

Inside View Of Freedom Park Bangalore | Image Resource :

There is a set timing for the park when it is privy to public access. Relaxing your mind as you enjoy the bliss of nature. Sit a while or walk around. Amuse yourself, or even amuse others. Share the happiness you feel with the ones around you. Think of all those prisoners who were once held captive within these boundaries. What was once a morbid sorrowful place is now a mere joyful open space.

The Freedom Park is an excellent concept that captures the true spirit of the rebel in you and polishes your patriotism. Mingling with different people, the freedom park leaves you free to bond, express and share your thoughts with those who reflect on your ideas. Even my camera cannot express the feelings that I have experienced today.


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