Someshwara Temple Halasuru, Bangalore – The Abode Of Lord Shiva!

Someshwara is the name given to Lord Shiva.  The Someshwara Temple at Halasuru Bangalore is the oldest temple in Bangalore city. The structure though built in the Chola Dynasty, has a few alterations that represent the Vijayanagara Empire too.

I have been to several temples, but this one struck me as a very special one, with its ornate structure, Rajagopuram and the Dhwajastambha. Features that are analogous to the Tamil culture, bearing the signature of the Vijayanagar Empire are indications of mix in culture surviving through the ages.

I was taken back in time, by the traditional stone carved structures and their religious meanings gave off more positive emotions than ever. The entrance gopura of the temple indicates Chola architecture while the Ornate open mantapa is of the Vijayanagaran style. The mantapa has forty pillars with divinities carved out in frieze.

Someshwara Temple Halasuru Bangalore

Someshwara Temple Halasuru Bangalore | Image Resource :

The Navagraha temple can be found to the north of the mantapa like in all temples. There are twelve pillars at this temple, each depicting a saint.

Scriptures on the walls of the temple, tell tales of both Shiva and his godly partner Parvati. These scriptures were to such excellence that they depicted the tale with the intended emotions. There is a scripture that explains Ravana lifting Mount Kailash to appease Lord Shiva, one depicting Goddess Durga Slaying the Mahishasur Demon, a few images of the Nayanmar Saints, the Girija Kalyana – Marriage of God Shiva to Goddess Parvati and more.

The temple is throughout the week and is open from 6 am to 12 pm and again from 4 pm to 9 pm. The silence echoing off the walls of the temple will bring peace to your mind and rejuvenate your thoughts. I know I was affected by my presence in the sanctum.

This is a very ancient and powerful temple, well protected by the people without any outside help. There are 3 special days followed in the Someshwara temple. Maha Shivratri, Pradosham days every month and all Mondays.

It is considered an opportune scope to the person that sees the Swayambu Shiva Lingam on the special days. Don’t miss out on this special opportunity. We all need luck in our life.


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