Chowdiah Memorial Hall Bangalore – The Cultural Podium Of Bangalore

Having seen the historical relic, enjoyed in the thrilling Rides and calmed by the scenic lake of Bangalore, it was now time to indulge in the cultural dais of the city. The Chowdiah Memorial Hall is the cultural hub of the city and caters to all forms of art and artists.

Chowdiah was a famous Violin Maestro, hailing from a village near Mysore. A disciple of the Mysore Royal Court Musician, he was a very favorite artist of the people of Karnataka. He was known for his innovation in adding 3 more strings to the 4 stringed violin, thus revolutionizing the field of music.

The Chowdiah Memorial Hall has been built in the shape of a ginormous Stringed Violin. The Auditorium is considered a tribute to the maestro himself and a blessing to more such prodigies that the world shall witness. The Auditorium is a masterpiece with fine craftsmanship, complete with strings, keys, the bridge and bow of the seven stringed violin. The foyer of the auditorium is made of marble to enhance the acoustics of the concert hall. The antechamber is lit with chandeliers that dignifies the podium and focuses on the artist performing.

Chowdiah Memorial Hall Bangalore

Chowdiah Memorial Hall Bangalore | Image Resource :

With amazing acoustics and a subtle ambience, anyone would be encouraged and motivated into expressing their talent. The entire auditorium has been designed such that the dais was at the point of focus for everyone seated in the hall.

Don’t let the structure mistake you for even one minute that it is devoted to only Classical or Carnatic form of art. The Chowdiah Memorial Hall hosts a wide variety of programs that include jazz concerts, Hindustani, ballets, contemporary and traditional forms of dance, school day programs, international music fests, fashion shows and many-many more. In short, any form of art that can capture the heart of the audience.

When I stepped into the auditorium I could sense the presence of a hundred famous artists that have passes through these halls. The stage is an inspiration in itself to the bystander. Here I go tapping my feet, who knows, the stage may yet have inspired me too!


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