The Bangalore Fort – A Valiant Tale of the Bangalorian Empire!

Moving over to the more historical relics and artifacts of Bangalore, I stood before the Bangalore Fort. As I listened to the story of the fort, I could visualize the many heroes that struggled to hold the fort and preserve the rightful remnant. With several memories embedded in every stone of the fort, the sad and valiant take brings tears to the patriotism and faithfulness of the city.

The Bangalore fort was founded and built by Kempe Gowda, a Chieftain of the then Vijayanagar Empire. Made from mud, the fort was named the capital of the Empire. The Fort was later extended by Tipu Sultan, the Mysore Emperor. Several important dates reflect on its history, marking its vitality to the city as well as the country. Hyder Ali, Tipu Sultan’s father imprisoned the British Officer David Baird during the struggle against the British attack upon India.

As I gaze at the stonework of the fort, I notice the intricate carvings on the arches. They are of Islamic Style, seeing how they were built during the rule of the Tipu Sultanate. Although Tipu Sultan left behind his mark on the fort, he preserved the Ganapathi Temple within, indicating his respect for the faith of the people.

Bangalore Fort

Bangalore Fort | Image Resource :

In the inner portion of the fort lies the wooden palace of Tipu Sultan. Made of Teak wood, the craftsmanship is of such exquisite quality, it was Tipu Sultan’s summer residence. With Pillars, balconies and arches, the palace is a stunning piece of art up to this day.

Existing Gate of the Bangalore Fort

Existing Gate of the Bangalore Fort | Image Resource :

Beautiful gardens decorate the path on either side of the Palace, leading to the main entrance of the Fort. The Palace has been sculpted and crafted with such artistry that the floral motifs embellishing the walls and the palace ceilings fascinated the British who took up the palace as their secretariat after the demise of Tipu Sultan.

Simplicity and Royalty both make up the Bangalore Fort, which illustrate the pride of the city. Filled with architectural masterpiece, the Bangalore Fort made my day very educative and interesting.


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