Hessarghatta Lake – The Water Lifeline Of Bangalore Once Upon A Time!

The innate desire in me to know more about historical facts and capture the kaleidoscopic images for my blog, was what that lead me to the Hessarghatta Lake of Bangalore. The calm, peaceful lake held my eyes until I had to return for the day. With a helpful history and a still helping nature, the Hessarghatta Lake is very well known to the Bangaloreans.

This fresh water lake, I am told is a manmade reservoir to store water supply for the city about a hundred years ago. I marvel at the technology used by the engineers back then, for having given quality and quantity to the construction. This earthen bund has a storage capacity of 997 M.Cft. It is supported by a reservoir called Chamaraja Sagar. Both these dams quench the thirst of the entire city of Bangalore. Looking at the clean pure water makes me thirsty too.

Hesaraghatta Lake Bangalore

Hesaraghatta Lake Bangalore | Image Resource : tripstor.com

Apart from quenching the thirst of the people, the Hessarghatta Lake is also the temporary rest house of winter migratory birds such as, the kingfisher, Magpie Robin, Egrets, Mynahs, Kites, Bulbuls and more. Watching the birds perched elegantly on branches and cables, made my heart lighter by the moment.

Over the years, the people of the city have taken to using the Hessarghatta Lake for activities like River rafting, Parasailing, wind surfing and make a pomp and cheer out of it. They are also very protective of their city’s reservoir to such heights that a group from the Indian Army conducted a cleaning movement to increase the depth of the lake.

Just being present in this paradise brings the effect of nature over me. The only word I kept saying over and over was, “WOWWW!!”. A huge stretch of greenery covers one side of the lake, giving the bird watchers a closer shot at the bird habitat. The Avifauna at the Hessarghatta Lake is a soothing sight for sore eyes.

Once again I am taken aback at the play of nature in this metro city called Bangalore. The lap of Mother Nature has been set at the foot of Hessarghatta Lake, a fitting place for the lake and for mankind to cherish and revel.


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