At Wonderla Bangalore – One Of The Most Acclaimed Amusement Park In India!

The young blood in me was raging with excitement to delve into the rides at the Wonderla amusement park and splurge myself to maximum level of thrill and fun. With rides and fun filled entertainment for families as well as youngsters, Wonderla is a package of adventure to one and all. Water rides, Dry Rides, Thrill Rides, Kiddie Rides and many-many more entertaining facilities along with quality food have been tested thoroughly and Certified for its Excellence.

Wonderla makes the whole package even more tempting by offering discounted rates.  Although rates vary from season to season and during weekdays and weekends, it has also a fast track ticket, which can take you to your rides on a shorter queue. Rates are comparatively more than the general tickets, but they do take you to your rides and keep you away from long tiresome queues.

Wonderla Amusement Park Bangalore

Wonderla Amusement Park Bangalore | Image Resource :

College Students have a 20% discount in their tickets while School and PUC students get a 35% discount in their fare. Privilege Members too can avail discounts upto 20% on subsequent visits. An offer I was amazed to see was a whopping 15% discount for arriving at the Park on a BMTC Volvo Bus. Not only is Wonderla fun, but also extra light on the budget. It also makes the travel to the park cheap and enjoyable.

The park is open from morning 11 am and closes by 6 pm on weekdays and 7 pm on weekends. It was time sufficient to enjoy oneself the whole day. There’s unlimited fun through and through, to one and all.

The special facilities at Wonderla go on and on: hygienic water at every point, first aid, Prayer Room for guests, Overnight Dorms, Wheel Chair and Prams and more.

After all the thrill and fun rides, my hunger was taken on a ride of five multi-cuisine mouthwatering delicacies with over a hundred different varieties of dishes to choose from.

Trust me, Wonderla will give you an insight on different aspects of fun and bring you and your family closer. Tickle your taste buds, face your fear, enjoy the rides and have complete fun at Wonderla Bangalore.


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