An Adventure from Surat Into The Heart Of India “NammuruBangaluru!”

For a young and ardent adventure buff as myself, the entire world is a mystery, waiting to be explored and to relish the wonders that it holds. Among all the cities in India, Bangalore is the city that holds both ancient and contemporary structures, overlapping a multitude of cultures and calling out for my longing eyes.

So off I go from the land of my forefathers, Suratto the lively city of Bangalore. Trains are the best choice for an adventure lover. Though I love the thrilling bike rides and long road trips, shuttling through the little towns and villages, trains are faster and within your budget too.

BGKT SBC Express

BGKT SBC Express | Image Resource :

Traveling alone and being a student, I had numerous options as there are so many Surat to Bangalore trains.  I was jumping with excitement to plan my trip to Bangalorecity.  I was suggested to take the BGKT SBC Express, starting off my journey with a three-day travel by train. And, the Adventure Is On!

A Journey worth the travel!

With scrumptious food served on the hour every hour, scenic towns, villages and cities passing by, I was anxious to just stop and savor the wonder of nature. Clicking away madly on my Camera, I noticed the small changes in the outlines of the places that we crossed.

Bangalore CY Junction

Bangalore CY Junction | Image Resource :

Exploring the different alleys of Bangalore was an experience in itself. The hustle and bustle of the city, the sacred temples, historical artifacts, the beautified parks, calm and serene lakes, were exactly what my blog needed. This trip and all the fun felt too real and like an excerpt sketched out from a fiction novel.

I sunk into the beauty of Bangalore and drank its traditions and culture. Every part of my guided adventure was picture perfect and worth every single paisa. With wonderful colors for my album and steaming hot delicacies down for my palate, my eyes had their sole attention for the picturesque walls and buildings of Bangalore.

Like my motto, “Live life to its fullest”, this trip from Surat to Bangalore has been an exceptional adventure and gave me a full blast of excitement and fun.


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