All That You’ll Need for High Altitude Trekking

Howdy all folks! This time around last month, I was trekking my way up the Dodital in Uttarakhand. Well, although I am a frequently trekking person, who has been on the move for more than a dozen times, had not, imagined something like this to happen.

Firstly, Dodital trek was not going to be an easy one, I knew it. Secondly, the weather was not good but as I was passionate about it right from the start, so I decided to hit it.

What was in store for me was a ligament injury in the leg, stiffness in the back and giddiness throughout the trek. My supplies and protective accessories as well played me.

High Altitude Trekking

High Altitude Trekking | Image Resource :

That said, the scenario forced me to let everybody know that trekking is not easy, regardless of how experienced you are. Hence, I bring to you, some useful tips that will ease your trekking experience.

To start with, prepare the mind by studying Lehmann maps, Google Earth Scan, and India Survey Map. If possible, get a print out of your trekking destination. Also, carry out extensive searches on the net, read travelogues and blogs of people who have visited the place earlier.

Similarly, prepare the body by taking up physical exercises. Initially, you can start with light exercises and then move on to heavier activities.

As high altitude, hiking requires you to have an experience in elevated heights, start with climbing stairs for around 30 minutes a day. Slow down if you have trouble in breathing. Also, try spot jogging and/or brisk walking for 20 minutes.

Next, make sure you pack proper supplies for high altitude hiking. Do not forget essentials like sunscreen, extra clothes, utensils, plenty of water, tent, and sleeping bag, and insect repellent.

Clothing gear you will need for high altitude hiking include pair of shoes, rucksack, shoulder pouch, and walking stick. Also, add in adequate rain-cover supplies along with a head cover or cap.

Special gear and accessories required for hiking solely range from tent, sleeping bag, multifunction wristwatch, and camp light.

Besides, handy tools like army knife, crampons, gaiters, and ice axe become essential as well. If you are not used to low temperatures, therefore, carry heat pads and an emergency heat blanket to stay extra warm up there.

Finally, food and medical supplies should be sought with extra care. Carry hot drinks, light but packed lunch, instant energizers, and coolers as well. Pack medicines and medical aid according to your medical conditions.

Remember, high altitude hiking can be fun if done right. Hence, take proper care to make it a memorable one.


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