Charminar Hyderabad – A Rare Monument that Overlooks the Bustling City

Hyderabad and its elegant pearls are the weakness of women as far as I have heard. My mother treasures few of them. They really look graceful on her. Even I took a real pearl pendant for her. And you know what the reaction of my mom was? She broke into tears as that was my first gift to her. I am truly thankful to Hyderabad that gave me such precious moments. Charminar Hyderabad was among one of them. The signature of the city is the major tourist’s spot of the capital.

Built in 1591, the monument gracefully and proudly erects in the city of pearls. The four grand minarets overlook the Laad Bazaar, famous for Hyderabad bangles. The monument houses a mosque and a few prayer spaces approx 45 in numbers. It dazzles in the darkness of the city when it get lightened up in the evening. To the southwest of the monument, say nearly two hundred yards there is Mecca Masjid. The central archway is built by bricks that were transported from Mecca.

Charminar Hyderabad

Charminar Hyderabad | Image Resource :

In recent years it is said to be the heart of lively activities in Hyderabad. In the city of perfect blend of tradition and modernity, this monument possesses its discreet identity with proud. The rise of the minarets is 180 feet in altitude. With decorations and marvelous embellishments, the structure is the portico of the monument’s distinct features. I stood on the balcony of the massive building and overlooked the city and its bustling features. It was an awe-inspiring experience for me that would be cherished forever. The thought of Hyderabad city and its so far places of interests made my mind lit up with historical knowledge.

All these years I spend enjoying and merry making with my buddies and never tried for something distinct. It was the destiny that paved the way towards a historical journey like this. Charminar Hyderabad dominates the entire city with love and respect. This is the reason why people from all over the nation and abroad love to visit the place. With great thoughts of the monument and my next visit to Qutub Shahi Tombs Hyderabad, I moved forward elatedly.


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