RJT SC Express From Surat To Hyderabad – A Life Time Experience

The wedding season was on and with the invitation of a cousin’s marriage in Hyderabad, I planned to go. I decided to attend his marriage as I was very attached to him. I was very excited as I also wanted to visit and explore the Nizam’s city. I booked my train ticket in RJT SC Express, packed my luggage and tried to finish my all pending before I left for Hyderabad the following day at 12 o’clock.

The next day my driver was ready to leave me to the station on time. I didn’t create any kind of delay either. The station was quite crowded and my luggage was heavy, thus I hired a coolie who helped me to settle in my designated seat. I secured the luggage by attaching the chain to it. The train started off at 2.05 p.m. and my train travel by RJT SC Express from Surat to Hyderabad was supposed to take 20 hour 20 min time to cover the distance. My journey started safe and sound.

RJT SC Express

RJT SC Express | Image Resource : wikipedia.org

My co-passengers were busy in playing cards, listening music and I was busy gazing the sights of river, paddy fields, bridges, trees, orchards and every scenic beauty enchanted me. As it grew darker I popped up my medicines, had my dinner and dozed off to sleep on the moving bed of the train, as I was very tired from my packed scheduled. I went to the dream of my own fairy foreland. Next day I woke up, freshened up, had my breakfast and again occupied the corner of the seat gazing at the green fields, farmers working, village children waving their hands.

Hyderabad Railway Station

Hyderabad Railway Station | Image Resource : wikipedia.org/

My co-passengers advised me to visit Charminar, Mecca Masjid and many more attractions of the city who were also going to Hyderabad. The city is famous for its Gems, Pearls and Kalamkari fabrics. I was feeling significantly blessed as everyone in the compartment were very friendly. The time was flying and I reached my destination Hyderabad I saw my cousin waiting for me. It was really a memorable train journey. My train travel by RJT SC Express from Surat to Hyderabad came to an end which was peaceful and safe.


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