Birbal Bhavan Agra – Compact Place

After my relaxing and peaceful visit to Keetham Lake, my friends and I moved on to our next and final destination named Birbal Bhavan Agra. It was made by Akbar for his two queens who did not like it, so he gave it to one of its courtiers and hence it ended up being the place where Birbal made its home. Birbal was one of the nine jewels of Akbar’s imperial court who was very witty and intelligent person. A Hindu by birth, Birbal formed his own place in the Mughal emperor Akbar’s court with his humor and sheer determination. He was well loved by his emperor and hence, to show his appreciation Akbar gave him the use of this bhavan. This is an important part and the main attraction of Fatehpur Sikri in Agra.

Birbal Bhavan Agra

Birbal Bhavan Agra | Image Resource :

We could see how the walls depicted the influence of both Islamic and Persian styles. It’s a double dome structure with wonderful intricate designs to keep the place cool during hot summers. To my friends it seemed to be having the shape of the mini jewellery box. We had to hurriedly see the place since it was the closing time.  It opens at sunrise and closes at sunset daily. The entrance fees was just rupees 10 for Indians and for foreigners it was rupees 250 and children of below age 15 years could enter free. Hawkers were lined outside the site selling local goods and I bought some of the items as gifts for my mother and sister, because they love these sorts of items. I also ate different local food items which were very tasty.

Trabajo en piedra in Birbal Bhavan

Trabajo en piedra in Birbal Bhavan | Image Resource :

We took some very beautiful photographs of the monument as well as atmospheric photographs of the sunset and nature. The evening light brought out nature’s colors and we could feel the history of this place.The splendid architecture style of this place impressed me and my friends. Our visit to Birbal Bhavan Agra has proved to be a wonderful and learning experience; in fact the whole of Agra tour has been amazing. Looking at these imperial architectural buildings one simply goes back in time to appreciate their skills and determination.

Main Entrance of This Birbal Bhavan

Main Entrance of This Birbal Bhavan | Image Resource :


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