Keetham Lake Agra – Place Filled with Extraordinary Sights and Serene Environment

After witnessing the monumental beauty of the place like Fatehpur Sikri, we all decided to move onto a different type of spot which would have the capability to dazzle us with its natural beauty and so we went to Keetham Lake Agra. The scenic beauty is located on the Delhi-Agra highway and is also known as the Sur Sarovar. It is the best spot to relax a bit because of the calmness and the lake’s natural beauty. The area was declared as National Bird Sanctuary in the year 1991 by the forest department of Uttar Pradesh and the river-belt of Yamuna encloses the area. The climate of this place was same as the other places and due to presence of water, there was a bit more moisture in the air and it was little cooler.

Keetham Lake Agra

Keetham Lake Agra | Image Resource :

The lake is pentagonal in shape and artificially islands have been formed as the breeding places for the migratory birds. I learnt that the water management facility was good as the raw water for the lake was taken via a canal on the banks of river Yamuna in Delhi and Mathura Refinery Treatment Plant uses this lake water as raw water intake. The shallow areas near the lake were developed by the forest department by making woodlands so as to make it a natural habitat for bird nesting. The lake as I witnessed got covered with vegetation and I was also able to spot a variety of birds like Little Gerbs, Darter, Grey Heron, Cormorants, Purple Heron, Paddy Bird, Large Egrets, Cattle Egrets, Little Egrets, Night Heron, Indian Reef Heron, Black Necked Stork, Spon Bill, White Ibis, Greying Goose, Bar Headed Goose, Pintail, Ruddy Shelduck, Lesser Whistling Teal, Common Teal, Gadwall, Shoveler, Comb Duck and spot Billed Duck.

Lake Keetham

Lake Keetham | Image Resource :

The serene environment where only voices of birds were prominent was very happening for me and this was a different type of experience and it relaxed me totally and we all clicked pictures of different kinds of birds and with this I got snaps of many varied uncommon birds in my inventory and due to relaxation at Keetham Lake Agra I was now looking forward to the next stop in my much exciting journey.


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