Train Travel by Lucknow Special from Surat to Agra – An Exciting and Enjoyable Journey

Hello, friends, this is Manthan, reaching out to every one of you through my blog. I am a student and travelling to different and exotic locations is what I love best. This time I have decided on a trip to the famous city of Agra. My friends have confirmed that they are ready for Train Travel by Lucknow Special from Surat to Agra. We want to see and explore every nook and corner of the city that is why we decided to restrict our tour to just one city. But before embarking on the tour we needed all the relevant information and hence, decided to log on to one of the most famous travel site.

Lucknow Special

Lucknow Special | Image Resource :

The information available on this website was clear and comprehensive and as it would prove helpful in our subsequent journey I wrote down all the important information. The next step was to book our train tickets and that we did online for the train Lucknow Special. My best friend suggested booking our hotel also online to avoid any unnecessary hiccups and hence we booked the hotel Taj Plaza Agra for the duration of our journey. We were now ready for our tour of Agra.

Travelling by train has its own charm. During the duration of the journey it is so easy to play pranks and enjoy life that travelling by train is preferable to travelling by flights. We picked each other up on the way and reached the station on time. The train Lucknow Special marked 09013 makes its journey only on Saturdays. It starts its journey from Bandra Terminal and ends at the city of Lucknow.

The train reached Surat at 16-45 and as it was scheduled to leave the station in just five minutes, we quickly found our berths and arranged our luggage. By that time the whistle was heard and the train started moving. The train journey was an amazing experience as travelling with friends is always enjoyable. We played cards, shared our experiences and ate different types of snacks. The train reached Agra Fort the next day at 08.45 and by God’s grace it was on time. It is how our train travel by Lucknow Special from Surat to Agra concluded.


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