Anjuna Market Goa – For the Flea Market Experience

The opulence of the Taj Hotels continued to be mind-boggling for me. To visit the Anjuna Market Goa right after it was very contrasting by all standards. While The Taj was all about elegance, the Anjuna Market was about brashness and unabashed attitudes. The haggling, the colorful wares, the populace of the locals jostling with tourists speaking in their imperfect English to sell their goods are popular trademarks of the place. I had never seen anything like this ever in my life. The liveliness of the market was very infectious. For a rather soft spoken like me in public, even I began yelling my lungs out to be heard among the people to get an upper hand in the bargain. Yes, bargaining is the norm here, quote a least price and then the negotiations ensue and finally as you move looking away uninterested with the prices, the shopkeepers and the peddlers revert back agreeing to your price. It was fun. My mother would be so proud of me.

Anjuna Market

Anjuna Market | Image Resource :

There are various articles on display; there are trinkets, products made of Indian crafts, fashion and handmade jewelry, name it and you get it. They make for excellent souvenirs to carry back home for the female friends and relatives. Most metro men today also adorn such stuff which designates them cool to be wearing such offbeat items. There are clothes, accessories and other Goa special items which can be bought from here. Intermittently, I found food stalls having local delicacies and Goa specialties that people loved to eat. It was really busy and it is difficult to find a smooth passage through the market.

Anjuna Market

Anjuna Market | Image Resource :

I went as far as I could but Anjuna Market Goa seemed endless to me. How the ladies manage to enthusiastically cover the whole expanse in one day in this kind of environment is truly commendable. But I guess their interests lie in shopping so they can do so without any difficulty. I was back to the hotel and was packing my few belongings strewn in the hotel room because soon I would have to take my bus back to my hometown Surat. Goa will be missed for sure but I may just have another date with it soon.


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