Se Cathedral Goa – A Large Cathedral in White for Saint Catherine

Se Cathedral Goa

Se Cathedral Goa | Image Resource :

It was going to be a fine day, I was sure, the beginnings of the day was vibrant enough to let me have a premonition of the success of the activities of the day. And why not, this day I would visit the beautiful Se Cathedral Goa, a Roman Catholic Church founded in 1619 and is dedicated to Catherine of Alexandria. Built in a Portuguese and a gothic style, it attracted tourists from far and wide because it is the largest cathedral possibly in the whole of Asia. It is under the Archdiocese of Goa and Daman. The construction of the cathedral was done to commemorate the victory of the Portuguese over a Muslim army which led to the annexation of the city of Goa in 1510 under Alfonso de Albuquerque. Because the day coincided with the feast of the Saint of Alexandria, the cathedral was made in her memory.

Se Cathedral Church Goa

Se Cathedral Church Goa | Image Resource :

Of the two towers of the cathedral only one has remained, one of it had collapsed in the year 1776 and was never reconstructed again. The popularity of the place is courtesy its golden bell in the tower which is named so because of its rich golden color. On the two sides of the main altar are several pictures of Saint Catherine which depicted her life. It is believed that a vision of Christ had appeared on the Chapel of the Cross of Miracles in the year 1919 which made the church revered and very popular. Within the church is also a baptismal font which dates back to 1532 and had been used by Saint Francis Xavier to baptize the people of Goa. It is indeed very peaceful in the church, a true sense of liberation which is only possible in the precinct of the Lord.

Se Cathedral

Se Cathedral | Image Resource :

As I exited from the Se Cathedral Goa, my parting thoughts were very humbling as though the serenity of the cathedral had invaded my heart. It was indeed a very rewarding experience. My next plan was to go to the Arvalem Caves Goa and I was ready to explore another facet of Goa. Goa surprisingly was not only about beaches and rave parties but so much more.


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