Goa State Museum – For Some Rare Artifacts of Yesteryears

Trekking in the hills situated within the premises of Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary was indeed the most satisfying experience. But I could not have lingered for too long in the place for the next destination for sightsee was the Goa State Museum which had exhibits that could throw light on the history of the state and its priceless heritage. I was not disappointed. Revamped and open to visitors since the year 1996, the Goa State Museum had been established by the Government in a rented property in Panjim, Goa. I gather the present director of the Museum is Smt. Radha R. Bhave who looks after the upkeep of the place. It has all the artifacts transferred from the Department of Archives in Goa by the unit of Archaeology and Museum.

Goa State Museum

Goa State Museum | Image Resource : wordpress.com

Situated in St. Inez, it is a modest looking complex which is kept neatly and maintained properly and felicitates the display of some 8000 artifacts that the Museum has. This new Museum Complex in the EDC Complex located in Patto has been graced with the presence of the President of India during its inauguration. A total of 14 galleries take you through the history of Goa which has articles like carvings, stone sculptures, manuscripts, paintings, rare numismatic collections, coins, bronzes and other anthropological objects. The chief attractions are the deities and sculptures and artifacts of Hindus and Jains. The entry is free to all and since, I had come a bit late, the premise threatened to shut by 5:30 PM. For me the highlight has been the Goa’s Freedom Struggle gallery that has pictures that traced back the story of Goa’s freedom. There are some of the artifacts from the Portuguese era like the rare Portuguese Era Notes which are interesting to see.

State Museum Goa

State Museum Goa | Image Resource : celebrateindia.com

They are places like the Goa State Museum that keeps the history alive for the locals and the tourists who visit Goa so that they are able to construct the inherent story and connect with the place. Another day at the bustling Goan state finished and I returned back to pavilion- my resort to begin the next day where another sightsee awaited me, the Se Cathedral Goa.


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