Bambolim Beach Resort Goa – Superb Accommodation in a Paradise-Like Setting

Bambolim Beach Resort Goa

Bambolim Beach Resort Goa | Image Resource :

It was pitch dark and in the silence of the night the bus reached the Siridao Bus Stop from where I took the local commute, which took me to the Bambolim Beach Resort Goa. It may have been just 2 kilometers away because soon I was in front of the reception of the thoughtfully lit resort, which was engulfed in the quiet of the night but had the promise of a beautiful morning. Quick formalities and I was shown to my standard room that I had opted online. I guess the fatigue of the bus journey finally caught up on me because the moment I hit the pillow I was in a sleep so deep that the morning buzz outside could not shake me out of my slumber.

Bambolim Beach Resort

Bambolim Beach Resort | Image Resource :

But I totally believe that the ones who sleep on their vacations are the people who miss out on all the fun. While on vacations, neither the mornings should be missed nor the evenings- the pristine mornings when the sun knocks at your horizon is a picture that for some reason is different from every angle and the retiring sun in the evening brings the elegant night to have a fantastic experience. How can one afford to miss any of them? But at the given moment I could think of only one thing- food. I was famished, with the quickest and the most casual clothes on; I made my way to look for the breakfast spread that I was entitled to complimentary. In the daytime the resort is a complete different scene far from the calm portrait that it painted in the night. It is full of fun activities – the central swimming pool where there were these little children enjoying, the bar – Teverna and the various other spots in the hotel named differently like the Green Banyan Tree, which is the in-house restaurant, the 24 hour coffee shop – Waterfall and the seasonal Seafood eatery – Baywatch.

Bambolim Beach Resort Goa is going to be fun when I would have the time to explore it but right now I wanted to hit the Vagator Beach Goa the first thing.


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