Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary Goa – A Proposed Site of Project Tiger Reserve

I opened my eyes in this new State-Goa and activity kicked in my veins almost instantly. I would go around and take size of the resort facilities this day. The visit to the Jacuzzi and Massage Centre had been due and I was excited to try every possible thing while on the trip. I can never hang my boots for anything in the world; for me life meant living and living meant movement, attractions, activity, sightseeing and fun. The Jacuzzi in the resort is very good better than most of the facilities that I have been to. But I did not have the time to relax indefinitely because this day I would make the trip to the Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary Goa which is a fair ride from the state capital Panaji. It is going to be fun because the journey to the Sanctuary which was spread over 208 square kilometers facility would take me through valleys, forests, hills and waterfalls. Although some of the areas are off reach for the tourists, I was ready to explore the wilderness of some of the accessible places.

Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary Goa

Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary Goa | Image Resource :

My main interest of the journey is trekking that is allowed in a few trails possibly in Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary which is linked with the Mhadei. While moving along the lesser treaded paths, I could only assess the importance of the biodiversity that surrounded the forests. Since, the highest peaks of Goa also fell in the Sanctuary; the place also has attractive waterfalls that are truly breathtaking. The highest peak among the three of Goa is Sonsogod standing majestically at an elevation of 3369 feet. Then, there are the other two- the Talache Sada and Vageri, both hills fall within the Sanctuary premise. The Sanctuary is also home to the Goa State animal- the Indian Gaur which can be spotted here. There are experienced guides who can help you in spotting the Royal Bengal Tiger too.

Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary

Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary | Image Resource :

While the Mhadei River is also a prospective white water river rafting opportunity in Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary Goa, I settled with trekking with an experienced guide. A few hours later, we moved towards the Goa State Museum.


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