Arambol Beach Goa – A Beach Hailed As Most Attractive Beach in Goa

Arambol Beach

Arambol Beach |Image Resource :

I simply cannot have enough of the beaches during my stay in Goa. Once I had my lunch, I was ready to explore more beaches of Goa. The next stop was to the Arambol Beach Goa. I hurried because I did not want to be late for the beach and miss some of the daylight fun in the beach. As a fisherman village, the Arambol Beach has been able to retain the bohemian culture of the land. I was ready to be bombarded by the experiences of Goa and wanted to see all of it-each nook and corner so that my passion for travel and exploration can be fulfilled.

Shacks on Aramol Beach Goa

Shacks on Aramol Beach Goa |Image Resource :

The locals at the Arambol Beach has made quite a pledge that they will remain together in making sure that no prominent hotels would be constructed near the beach so that the beach can be protected from evil littering and non-ecological practices. Owing to this, there are only small inns and smaller establishments and some of the temporary shacks which get mounted for tourists seasonally and then dismantled. Here, one could find accommodations at affordable rates but the popularity of the beach has made them escalate their prices too.

Arambol Beach Goa

Arambol Beach Goa |Image Resource :

While I was on a walk in the Arambol Beach Goa, some of the locals advised me to visit a smaller beach close by which is famous for a fresh water lake which has given rise to hot springs where people can relax and heal. The ecology of the amalgamation of salt water and the fresh water is a unique experience that is exclusive to this place. I made note of the Banyan Tree too, close to which there is the famous sculpture of the American artist, Jacek Tylicki. I spotted the paragliding facilities and it could very well be God sent. It was just what I needed. A couple of hours passed as if they were a few minutes. The atmosphere was turning electric with live music and great vibes. I lingered a bit more and then reverted back to the hotel and retired for the next day I had Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary in my agenda.


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