Vagator Beach Goa – For Dance, Trance and Romantic Sunset

Vagator Beach with Chapora Fort

Vagator Beach with Chapora Fort | Image Resource :

Whether the food at the Resort was very delicious or was it the hunger doing its trick, I did not know and neither had the time to ponder about. The Beach was calling and I had to oblige. The Vagator Beach Goa may not be the most popular beach but it was sure one of those beaches which had the most elite tourists flocking it. The Beach is split into two parts; while facing the sea, the right side is regarded as the North Vagator Beach and on the left is the Little Vagator Beach that the locals also call the Ozran Beach. The spirit of the Beach is truly remarkable- it can be laid back when one wished it to be and can be all happening when you turn the rave on. No wonder until 2013 the famous Sunburn Festival was being held here.

Vagator Beach Goa

Vagator Beach Goa | Image Resource :

Goa’s natural landscape is truly breathtaking. As the Beach came in to my view, I was taken by the white waves, the small ones that harmlessly crashed on the beach and the relaxed vibe of the Beach where I could see several foreigners chilling away getting themselves tanned in the afternoon sun. A couple of family could be noticed with children making sand castles while their parents rested close by enjoying the view, yet they kept close to their children. I ditched my shirt and decided to get soaked despite the risk of getting tanned but what is the fun if one does not risk a few things in life. The water felt cool despite the heat of the sun and I drenched myself completely. It felt really nice and it also felt like I have finally come to Goa!

I had to force myself to come out of the water in the Vagator Beach Goa. There would be ample opportunities since there was the Arambol Beach Goa to cover. It was soon going to be sun set time and the sky was indicating its tell-tale signs, the oranges and the reds deepened in the horizon and from the rocky banks, I saw the sun dive into the ocean for the day.


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