Rock Garden of Chandigarh – An Epitome of Creativity and Innovation

It was the seventh day of my stay or more precisely the last but one day of my stay in Chandigarh/Firozabad/Gurgaon. My north India venture had turned out to be truly ecstatic as I did a number of things in very less time. As on the previous day I went for a happy go lucky trip to the Chhatbir Zoo in Chandigarh, the next day I decided to go for a trip to the Rock Garden.

Rock Garden of Chandigarh

Rock Garden of Chandigarh | Image Resource :

The Rock Garden is a unique place where different wastes from the urban and industrial workflow is collected and renovated into incredible artwork. The mere theme makes it quite interesting and makes it stand apart among the rest of the other parks which rather use harmful products for their development. The Rock Garden is located in the Sector 1 area of Sulekha Lane and Capitol Complex.

Nek Chand is the founder of this marvelous garden who engineered different wastes and made a mastery over it. It is an open air exhibition hall where different sculptures, arts and artifacts are kept. Waste materials like broken bangles, porcelain, metal wires, marbles, mudguards, automobile parts and handle bars are renovated to build beautiful creations. The best utility of human brain with engineered approach of building semi-synthetic adorning sculptures is truly incredible.The creative abilities of human are elegantly designed with the persisting natural beauty of the mother earth.

The Rock Garden is no less than a unique architecture made out of marble located in a posh area of the city. It so well resembles the mastery of human innovativeness. Moreover the garden was first built solely by the dedication of a single person, which is now later taken over by the Government of Chandigarh. It is now a exhibition places where people from different parts of the country come to have a beautiful look at the interface of man and nature.

There are several eating joints present within the Rock Garden where people can sit down and enjoy good food. Botanical Garden and Sulekha Lane are the other significant places near the Rock Garden where people can take a walk.


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