Chattbir Zoo, Chandigarh- A Fun Filled Natural Dwelling Place

Royal Bengal tiger

Royal Bengal Tiger | Image Resource :

On the sixth day of stay in Chandigarh, I decided to venture into yet another wildlife abode. As I already visited the Sultanpur National Park, I was bit aware about the different types of animals that resided in the state. However a zoo is something where animals, birds and reptiles are collected from different parts of the country and kept in a safety environment. Wildlife is a part of my interest and it again dragged me towards itself and made me to plan for a trip to the Chattbir zoo in Chandigarh.

Along the Chandigarh-Patiala Road, the Chattbir zoo is located which is at a distance of 17 kilometers from the Chandigarh city. The place is also known as Mahendra Chaudhary Zoological Park at several places. The sprawling land inside the zoo expands itself to 202 acres of landmass. The raw scrubland has been effectively renovated and modified to build up a natural bode for the safety of animals. The ecological harmony is strikingly visible within the zoo as lush green trees and fauna correlate among themselves to build up the balanced environmental picture. About 950 species of animals and birds are found in the zoo who are kept safely in 85 dwelling places. The park remains open from 8 am in the morning to 5 pm in the evening and provides a range of opportunities to get indulged amidst the rich wildlife culture of Chandigarh.

Royal Bengal tiger is the major attraction of the zoo and different safaris are conducted for the visitors to take a close look at the lifestyle of this magnificent animal. Also one of the striking features of the Chattbir zoo is Lion safari. Adventurous tips for visitors make the trip more exciting as the safari van takes you close to the animals and lets you click pictures of their natural expressions.

The place is more visited as a picnic spot as the water body surrounding the wooded park provides the best place for holding small get together and picnics. Winters are the most exciting and peak time to make a visit to the zoo as during this time one can enjoy the natural resources to the fullest extent.


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