Last Chance Club, Gurgaon – For a Fun Filled Evening

Fun and frolicking is a part of every youngster’s syllabus. No matter how studious you are and how many lectures you don’t bunk in the college, but at the end everyone want quality time and a little bit of partying- at least this is what I believe in. On my visit to Faridabad, I wanted to explore life in its various forms. On the previous I went on a wonderful trekking ride at the Aravallis. On the sixth day, all five of us decided to stay in the hotel for some much needed rest. However when it was evening, I could not resist the temptation of going out. Therefore I suggested everyone to join me to the Last Chance pub in Gurgaon. All of them agreed unanimously and soon we left the hotel for Gurgaon in order to spend the evening at the Last Chance pub.

Last Chance Club Gurgaon

Last Chance Club Gurgaon | Image Resource :

The pub is located on the top floor of the Sahara Mall. Not just a pub, it is a discotheque and a night club as well. It was a weekend and therefore there were many youngsters present inside the pub and tapping their feet to the beats of some famous Bolly tracks and few Pop tracks. The kind of music that is played in the lounge is so rhythmic and “dance-inducing” that even the lamest of people came over the dance floor. Loud music and in-sync dance notes of the youngsters filled the entire environment with a sense of joy and pleasure. Low light, DJ mixes are just perfect to make the night more fun filled.

The food served to us in the pub was equally nice. We ordered roasted chicken, fried American fry, chicken tikka, spring rolls, golden prawn rings, few soft drinks and cocktail. While we ordered different foods for the starters there were different items prepared for the main course meal as well. The kitchen of this pub serves regular food that is not pinching the pockets. Our entire cost for all five of us was limited. We didn’t even drink a lot since we had to return back to the hotel. The total experience and the time spent in the pub were awe inspiring and a beautiful break from monotonous life.


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