Aravalli Hills, Haryana – The Oldest Mountain Range

The days spent in North India were getting more splendid day by day and I was enjoying each and every moment of my stay to the fullest core of my content. It was not for the first time that I was out with friends, but certainly it was my first visit to Haryana, Faridabad, Chandigarh- or more concisely this part of north India. The second day at Haryana was awesome as I enjoyed several sport activities, tried a bit of para sailing, rafting and rowing at the Damdama Lake. The third day was also as exciting as the day before. We planned up a trip to the oldest fold mountain ranges of the country, which is the Aravalli Mountain Range.

Aravalli Hills Haryana

Aravalli Hills Haryana | Image Resource :

The Aravalli Mountain Range spreads across 300 miles at a single stretch. Few parts of the North-eastern state Rajasthan is also covered by the mountain range. The southern slopes of the mountain range are found in the laps of Ajmer in Rajasthan. Bundi city of Rajasthan is also covered by the Aravalli Range from three sides. The southwestern range of the Aravalli even stretch to few parts of Gujarat through Palanpur in Ahmedabad and I don’t clearly remember but I had visited it during my school days with family. Lying to the western part of the Indian subcontinent, the mountain range is a popular place for several adventure activities and loads of fun. Guru Shikhar is the acme of the Aravalli Range which is located in the Mount Abu. The peak of this place if found at a height of 5653 feet from the sea level.

Beautiful Tomb Surrounded By Aravali Hills

Beautiful Tomb Surrounded By Aravali Hills | Image Resource :

Indorei Fort On Aravali Hill

Indorei Fort On Aravali Hill | Image Resource :

From Delhi and its nearby location, the mountain range can be ventured very well. Delhi Ridge is the last point of the mountain range which passes through the South Delhi of the Union Territory. The young and old folds of mountains can be clearly seen from this part of the country, as in the Himalayas one can see the new born mountains and Aravalli still displays the old forms of mountains.

Several people visit this place as the place if a famous joint for different adventure activities. We had a wonderful time near the mountain range and its foothills.


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