Sultanpur National Park – An Abode for the Flora and Fauna

It was my first day at Faridabad. I was excited and equally enthralled with this trip as four of my best buddies had also accompanied me. After a much awaited time, I finally had some spare time from studies. So I was fully looking forward to spending the best period of my vacations with my friends. Other than adventure sports, wildlife had always attracted me towards itself and therefore I decided to go to the Sultanpur National Park on the first day itself.

Sultanpur National Park

Sultanpur National Park | Image Resource :

The Sultanpur National park is located in the gateway of many places in the north like Faridabad, New Delhi, Noida and Gurgaon. So it is more like a popular weekend lookout place where youngsters and several groups of families visit to check the nature’s varied resources. We traveled from Faridabad to Delhi and from there we again took a bus to reach the national park. The park spreads over a large area and accommodates various species of animals. Several local and migratory birds flock here to form the cluster for an eye-catching view.

The park opened its gates at 6:30 am in the morning and closed at 6:30 pm. So we entered into it at around 10:30 am and spent a quality time there for an entire day. Keeping in mind that Monday was a holiday for the national park and it remains closed, we had planned deliberately to go there on a Tuesday.

Little Egret

Little Egret | Image Resource :

White Throated Kingfisher

White Throated Kingfisher | Image Resource :

The Sultanpur National Park is more commonly known as Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary owing to the large species of birds fund there. It is more like a treat to the eyes of a photographer who loves to capture stills of these colorful birds in their natural environment. More 250 species of birds can be seen in this park. Few of the common local birds found here are white-throated kingfisher, Indian crested lark, weaver bird, rose ringed parakeet, mynah, black headed ibis, painted stork, little egret, green bea eater,red vented bulbul, shikra, spot billed duck etc.. Apart from all these there are varieties of migratory birds found here. Common greenshank, spotted redshank, white wagtail, Northern pintail, and Eurasian wigeon are few of them.

Oriental Ibis

Oriental Ibis | Image Resource :

I had a wonderful time there at the park. The Sultanpur Lake beside was even making the place more placid.


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